Meeting of the partner CSO

One of the main objectives of Together We Shelter program is to increase the capacity and efficiency of CSO operations.

For several months, 24 organizations from different regions of Ukraine have been implementing their projects within the framework of East Europe Foundation grant initiative. From the very first days of a full-scale war, all of them worked hard in extremely difficult conditions to help people.

To wind up the program, we invited partner organizations to a personal meeting in a picturesque location in the West of the country. Our team intended to help CSOs not only to improve their professional competences, but also to make new acquaintances, recover, and reboot.

For three days, the participants were involved in various kinds of training. To this end, we invited field-specific experts: design and implementation of grant projects, fundraising, handling risks and reporting to the affected population, psychological support, and self-help.

One of the meeting goals was to encourage active networking so that civil society organizations exchange expertise, ideas, and best practices. We believe this will contribute to increasing their operational efficiency for the benefit of Ukraine.

Stress relief was another key item of our event agenda. Especially given the high level of stress and emotional burnout CSO employees face in the field of humanitarian response.

The meeting of Together We Shelter program participants became a valuable event inspiring them to further fruitful work and the public sector development in Ukraine.

Our team also hopes to hold such activities in the future as the capabilities of Ukrainian CSOs play an important role in solving social issues and supporting people in need.

Together We Shelter program is implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.