Found a Suspicious Item?

Since the outbreak of the full-scale Russian invasion, the pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service have defused about 300,000 UXO (unexploded ordnance). Yet, 30% of the entire territory of Ukraine still remains potentially hazardous. Every day, our deminers work hard to clear houses and streets in de-occupied cities and villages from unexploded munitions, yet, the threat to the civilian population persists.

Landmines and booby traps, unexploded shells and improvised explosives – all are strewn by the Russian enemy around Ukraine in large quantities. Even after the end of the war, it will take years to completely clear Ukraine of UXO. Therefore, one of the vitally important tasks today is to ensure the safety of all Ukrainians and raise their knowledge on how to handle explosive ordnance.

In December, East Europe Foundation, together with the State Emergency Service, launched an information campaign on landmine safety in the regions of Ukraine most affected by Russia’s armed aggression. These are Kyiv and Kyiv Region, Mykolaiv Region, Donetsk Region, Sumy Region, Zhytomyr Region, Kharkiv Region, Chernihiv Region, Luhansk Region, Dnipropetrovsk Region, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Region.

Across cities and villages, billboards and citylights will tell you what to do when explosive or suspicious objects are found. In addition to it, you will learn about the Demining Ukraine application.  The public places most frequently visited by people will be used to place thematic posters and distribute stickers and booklets with detailed information about various types of UXO.

Nearly 12,000 copies of printed materials were created and distributed to raise awareness of Ukrainians about potential hazards. Ultimately, each of us should know what to do when a suspicious object is found.

The information campaign was developed as part of the Watch Your Step! Program, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation together with the State Emergency Service with funds from DanChurchAid.