Closed Discussion

On May 24, East Europe Foundation organized a discussion for German and Ukrainian politicians during which they discussed rising ammunition supplies to Ukraine, our course of European integration, and increasing sanction pressure on russia.

In the circumstances of full-scale russian aggression, parliamentary diplomacy is an important tool for the protection of the national interests of Ukraine.

To improve and intensify cooperation between Ukrainian and German parliaments, the Ukraine in Europe: Parliamentary Dimension Project resumed events in the format of parliamentary dialogue.

On May 24, we organized a closed discussion, during which the topics of rising ammunition supplies to Ukraine, increasing sanction pressure on Russia, and the course of European integration for Ukraine, particularly the prospects for obtaining the status of a candidate for EU membership.

Members of parliaments, Halyna Ianchenko and Robin Wagener, outlined the main aims and indicators of effective Ukrainian-German relations.

Hanna Hopko, Chairman of the Board and founder of ANTS, shared her own expert vision and called for more decisive action for Ukraine’s victory.

Assistants and advisors to parliamentarians exchanged their thoughts on potential steps to further support Ukraine and strengthen cooperation between the two parliaments.

The discussion was moderated by Marieluise Beck, co-founder of Zentrum Liberale Moderne.

The Ukraine in Europe: Parliamentary Dimension Project is being implemented by East Europe Foundation together with the Berlin-based Zentrum Liberale Moderne with funding from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.