Aligning Ukraine's Laws with EU Standards

On December 14, 2023, the European Council took a momentous step by commencing negotiations for the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU. This development is of immense significance to our nation and calls for swift and resolute actions even in the face of ongoing war.

In Ukraine’s pursuit of European integration, our Foundation stands not merely as an observer but as an active contributor to the unfolding changes. We are committed to bolstering the institutional growth of the Parliament and aiding the government’s initiatives that inch Ukraine closer to the European community.

As part of the “Ukraine in Europe: Parliamentary Dimension” program, East Europe Foundation, in partnership with the Zentrum Liberale Moderne (Berlin), has launched an expert review of Ukrainian draft laws in terms of their adherence to European standards.

In December 2023, in collaboration with the Parliamentary Committee on Ukraine’s Integration into the European Union and external experts, we conducted an analysis of the first three draft laws:

  •     on national minorities;
  •     on virtual assets;
  •     on roaming.

The comprehensive expert opinions were submitted to the Parliament providing valuable insights to the Committee on Ukraine’s Integration into the European Union for informed decision-making.

This marks just the beginning of our collaborative endeavor. At present, only a fraction of the draft laws undergo expert evaluation. In 2024, our team aims to examine six additional draft laws.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who supports these initiatives and shares our vision of Ukraine’s future in Europe. United, we stand stronger and stride towards monumental transformations!

The “Ukraine in Europe: Parliamentary Dimension” program is being implemented by East Europe Foundation together with the Berlin-based Zentrum Liberale Moderne with funding from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.