We awarded a grant for an educational project



We are pleased to announce our cooperation with the Veteran Hub within the framework of “Capable and Resistant” Project with the support of Switzerland. In 2023, the Veteran Hub continues to work on educational projects to support veterans, in particular in the field of intimate relationships and parenthood, and now is implementing the project “Promoting long-term close relationships in families of veterans and servicemen. 

Based on the experience of the past eight years, the organization is well aware that combat experience, physical injuries, and moral trauma can have a profound impact on a person’s life after service. 

According to international research, such traumas often jeopardize intimate and sexual experiences, an important aspect of the lives of female and male veterans that is often overlooked by medical and rehabilitation professionals. 

Among other things, participation in hostilities also has an impact on the experience of parenthood among female and male veterans. Starting with separation and anxiety during service, veterans’ families go through the difficult experience of reunification and maintaining relationships at every stage of return.

Therefore, the Veteran Hub team is starting to work on creating a manual and course on mindful parenting, taking into account the life circumstances of military and veteran families, and researching the long-term impact of military experience on veteran parenting at the stages from pregnancy planning to early preschool age. 

The Hub will work on an information campaign about the sexual experience of people with injuries/traumas or disabilities to promote positive narratives about sex and intimate relationships among the veteran audience.

Soon, the organization will conduct a survey among veterans and their partners about their intimate experiences after returning from war, injury and trauma, and will engage leading experts to develop a guide to restoring intimate relationships and improving sexual experience. 

The Veteran Hub believes that a veteran’s ability to build and maintain long-term meaningful family relationships is one of the key foundations for a successful transition to civilian life. 

The project “Promoting long-term close relationships in families of veterans and the servicemen” is implemented by NGO Veteran Hub within the framework of the project “Capable and Resistnat”, implemented by East Europe Foundation with the support of Switzerland.