CDTO Campus Opening

CDTO Campus students can now attend in-person lectures in a state-of-the-art, innovative space. The facility is equipped with everything necessary for productive learning, fostering partnerships, and effective communication among students. This initiative aims to advance digital transformation and introduce a new management format unprecedented in Ukraine. 

«Ukraine was one of the first countries in the world to introduce the position of CDTO. Currently, 55 deputy chief digital transformation officers work in ministries, regional administrations, and city councils. However, we need over 1,500 more CDTOs to drive digital transformation at the local level. That is why last November, we launched CDTO Campus, a place where digital transformation managers are nurtured. The next step is to open an offline space where qualified personnel, who will become drivers of change in the country, will study», Mykhailo Fedorov, Vice Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and Technology, and Minister of Digital Transformation said. 

The Ministry of Digital Transformation and its partners launched CDTO Campus in November 2023. Since its inception, the project has proven its effectiveness with over 200 graduates and five implemented educational programs, including: 

  • AI HOUSE: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence 
  • Cisco: Implementing Secure Digital Platforms 
  • EU4DigitalUA: Personal Data Protection 
  • OSCE: Developing and Implementing Open Data Policies 
  • Tolokar: Immersive Open Design Days 

«The digital transformation of the state is impossible without managers who are actively involved in the digitalization process and ready to implement digital solutions on the ground. To support their development, we have established CDTO Campus, which brings together newcomers and experienced state officials to learn and exchange ideas. In the first six months, we received over 1,100 applications. By opening a new modern space for the CDTO Campus, we have created a place where innovative solutions and experience converge, giving every student the opportunity to transform governance approaches and contribute to building a digital state», Valeriya Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation for European Integration, said. 

Students can enroll in long-term, short-term, and individual programs. Currently, the long-term program “Digital Transformation in Public Administration” (9 months) and the short-term program “UNDP: Leadership Program for Women in the Digitalization of Public Services” (6 months) are ongoing. 

«By empowering the next generation of digital transformation leaders, CDTO Campus serves as a catalyst for innovation and collaboration. It will bring together experts from Ukraine and around the world, facilitating the exchange of experience and skills development, and driving Ukraine’s digital transformation to new heights», Daniel Boucher, the Director of GIZ Ukraine, said. 

During the event, a new long-term program to support and develop communities in the field of digitalization was also presented. There is a need for 1,470 digital community leaders. This program will help communities effectively implement digital technologies, increasing transparency and efficiency in local governance. 

«Digital transformation of Ukraine is one of Visa’s top priorities. For many years, we have been developing the country’s payment ecosystem and digital economy, offering consumers, entrepreneurs, and financial institutions innovative electronic payment tools. By supporting CDTO Campus with the help of the Visa Foundation, we continue to contribute to the successful high-tech future of Ukraine. We believe that the opening of the offline space for training digital leaders will be another step on this path», Svitlana Chyrva, Vice President, Country Manager for Ukraine and Moldova at Visa, commented. 

Additionally, the participants of the leadership program “Creating the Digital Future” were announced. They will attend an intensive course at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, USA. 

«To build the most convenient state in the world — without queues, bureaucracy, and corruption — Ukraine needs digital transformation leaders. We share the ambition of the Ministry of Digital Transformation to train 1,500 CDTOs to implement reforms at both national and regional levels. Since there are no universities in Ukraine that systematically train such specialists, we, together with our international partners, supported the opening of the CDTO Campus and will continue working to ensure that it meets its purpose», Victor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation, said. 

The project features a blended learning system: participants can attend classes in Kyiv at the new CDTO Campus space or join remotely. After completing the offline modules, students will have access to short video lectures and interactive tasks through a special CDTO Campus mobile application. 

«We are proud to partner with CDTO Campus, a key tool for accelerating digital transformation in Ukraine. Our support includes providing Webex video conferencing technologies that enable effective virtual communication and collaboration. Additionally, we are actively involved in the educational process at CDTO Campus, sharing knowledge about the development of modern technologies and their role in overcoming the challenges of implementing digital platforms in organizations. The opening of the CDTO Campus is a significant step in strengthening the digital competencies of the Ukrainian public sector and the successful implementation of innovative services», Sergiy Martynchuk, Head of Cisco Ukraine, said. 

The lecturers include professionals with real experience in public sector digital transformation and thought leaders in digitalization. They have already implemented successful projects and are ready to share their knowledge with the next generation of digital leaders. International experts from leading educational institutions, business professionals from top companies, and relevant government officials from around the world will also participate. Among the guest speakers are Janusz Cieszynski, former Minister of Digitalization of Poland; Hani Decanay, 

Director General of Policy and Performance at the Government of Canada; lecturers from the Stanford Institute of Design; and others. 

Last November, the Ministry of Digital Transformation introduced a new educational project for digital transformation leaders — CDTO Campus. Its goal is to provide the state with qualified specialists to implement digital reforms and to train and support civil servants working in digital transformation. 

You can follow project updates on the official CDTO Campus pages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as well as on the project’s official website

CDTO Campus is implemented by East Europe Foundation, financed by VISA Foundation, the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany (BMZ), and supported by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, in cooperation with Digitality GovTech Centre of Excellence, under the patronage of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. Cisco is the technology partner of the space. The coworking space for GovTech leaders was created with the support of Visa.