Call for Applications to Provide Information and Technical Advisory Support for Electronic Sports Facilities Register

East Europe Foundation, within the framework of the USAID/UK Aid Project Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS), announces a competition for a post of Information and Technical Advisory Support Expert to implement the Electronic Sports Facilities Register (hereinafter – the ESFR).

The key objectives of the Register are to keep track of sports infrastructure in Ukraine and to create a digital identity for each sports facility owner. The Ministry of Youth and Sports (hereinafter – the Ministry) is piloting the Information System (IS) before it is fully deployed.

This process requires expert support services: information and technical advisory support for the ESFR users and the Ministry staff.

Expected duration of expert support services: up to nine (9) months.

Work format: hybrid (online and offline).

Scope of Work and Responsibilities:

  • Information and advisory support to the ESFR users at all levels (sports facilities owners, staff members of municipalities, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and its regional subdivisions).
  • Technical support (maintenance) and administration of the ESFR, including technical advisory support to users.
  • Regular testing of the Register to identify errors, deficiencies, and inconsistencies; drawing up the correction requests; sending the test reports and correction requests to the IS owner (the Ministry).
  • General coordination of all roles represented in the ESFR.
  • Improve guidelines for working with the ESFR:

– develop and fine tune the procedure of filling out an application for registration of a sports facility (to be filled out by owners); create form examples to serve as a model for users when filling out such an application;

– develop and fine tune the procedure for verification of applications (for verifiers).

  • Develop proposals to improve business processes and operations of the ESFR and to bring the Register up to date (portal, personal account, submission and processing of applications, administration, etc.):

– develop technical specification to bring the ESFR up to date;

– provide support to the work to update the Register and accept the results of this work.

  • Collect and review user feedback and suggestions to sum up the user experience of working with the ESFR.
  • Prepare proposals for key performance indicators of the ESFR.
  • Prepare proposals for cooperation with other government agencies and organizations to improve the operation of the ESFR, simplify and accelerate its content.
  • Coordinate the work of the expert group on the ESFR implementation:

– review the current approach to working with sports facilities; develop proposals to bring it up to date;

– develop methodological recommendations to ensure the proper functioning of the ESFR;

– develop a methodology (methodologies) of processing applications for registration of sports facilities;

– ensure correct presentation of information on sports facilities in the ESFR;

– create a new modern passport of sports facilities.

  • Develop proposals to improve the sports facility passport and reporting forms.
  • Post information on the ESFR portal (tutorials, news, notices, other materials).
  • Develop proposals to improve reference manuals (directories of sports facilities etc.).
  • Work to record damaged or destroyed sports infrastructure facilities included in the ESFR (collect and store reports on facilities damaged and destroyed because of hostilities, terrorist acts, sabotage caused by the military aggression of the Russian Federation using the ESFR software); integrate the Register with the national register of damaged property.
  • Prepare technical specification on integration of data from the ESFR into the geographic information system; ensure ongoing support of this interaction.
  • Develop user manuals:

– develop a general user manual (based on the finetuning process) and spoken scripts for the Ministry’s employees, as well as train them to make sure they can advise users at all levels;

– develop other user manuals and interaction algorithms;

– write terms of reference for the creation of video instructions.

  • Interact and communicate with representatives of territorial communities and regional units regarding work with the ESFR.
  • Make sure the user information within the ESFR database is processed and stored appropriately (responsible for the correct accounting of information and its safety). Advise and develop recommendations for improving the collection and storage of such information.
  • Conduct workshops and trainings for users of all levels.
  • Review the national and international regulatory framework in the field of sports infrastructure:

– monitor the national regulatory framework related to the Register’s functioning and develop proposals for its improvement;

– monitor international experience in the use of information systems to maintain the sports infrastructure facilities register.

  • Advise and support the development of legal provisions and verification of sports facilities by the Ministry’s staff.
  • Prepare user agreements and other related documentation.
  • Perform other tasks related to the implementation of the ESFR and within the scope of competence at the request of the ESFR
  • Perform work independently in the field of information.
  • Contribute to drafting programs, plans and other documents to facilitate information activities in the implementation of the ESFR.
  • Establish integration of the Register with the Ministry of Agrarian Policy IS containing geospatial data.
  • Coordinate the work of the regions regarding the ESFR using the KPIs from the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Administering, supporting and maintaining automated information systems and web services at the state level;
  • Drawing up technical and regulatory documentation;
  • Working with state authorities and local self-government bodies to ensure quality communication, advisory support and other information services.
  • Experience in working with information in the field of physical culture and sports.

To apply, send your application (CV with relevant work experience, skills, and personal contact information) before 23:00 on August 28, 2023 to the email address: with a note “Expert_Electronic Sports Facilities Register”.

Contact information:

Anna Tkachenko, East Europe Foundation