Competition for the position of an expert on regulatory issues and legislation for the project on the development and implementation of Unified State Electronic System in the Field of Construction (USESC)

East Europe Foundation, within the framework of the USAID/UK Dev “Support for Digital Transformation Project”, announces a competition for the position of a regulatory and legislative expert for the project to develop and implement Unified State Electronic System in the Construction Sector (USESCS).

The purpose of the of the project is to expand, improve the existing, as well as introduce new functionalities and regulatory framework of the Unified State Electronic System in the Field of Construction, which contains all three components specified in the legislation: Register of Construction Activities, Electronic User Account, and Public Electronic Portal. The planned goals covered by this project are to improve the existing functionality and implement new components of the System. The development of Unified State Electronic System in the Field of Construction is crucial for the reformation of the construction sector aimed at full automation of construction processes. The introduction of this system minimizes the human factor in the most processes, including provision of the construction services to citizens and businesses, and it is expected to have a significant anti-corruption impact.

Duration of engagement: Until the end of 2024 with possible extension

Key tasks and responsibilities:

  • prepare draft letters for the Ministry of Regional Development on the application of the EDSSB;
  • prepare draft methodological recommendations of the Ministry of Regional Development on the application of legislation in the field of construction, including explanations to customers and registrars;
  • prepare a structured list of grounds for refusing to register documents that can be used in Unified State Electronic System in the Field of Construction (USESCS);
  • analyze court practice related to the application of the USESCS and prepare proposals for amendments to the regulations based on such research;
  • study non-standard legal cases of the USESCS users and formulate positions for support (for the support team and BA), how to solve such cases comprehensively using the system, and provide proposals for possible changes to the legislation;
  • checkthe legal accuracy and correctness of communication texts;
  • participate in regular meetings with stakeholders to define the requirements for the USESCS and explain the legal aspects of the project;
  • communicate with stakeholders, including government officials, developers, etc.

Requirements for the candidate:

  • Master’s degree(specialist) in law;
  • in-depth knowledge of construction legislation and provision of administrative services in the field of construction;
  • understanding of the essence of reforming the construction sector in Ukraine;
  • experience in developing regulations, strategies, and action plans at the national and/or regional level with concrete results and expert advice to central and regional authorities.

Desired skills and work experience:

  • experience in communicating with public authorities (clarifying requirements, making presentations);
  • experience in developing electronic services for the public and business, understanding of such technologies as interoperable solutions, etc;
  • understanding of software design and development process, drawing of high-level technical requirements for a software product;
  • strong organizational skills and attention to details;
  • knowledge of English will be an advantage.

Please, submit your proposals by 23:00 on April 7, 2024 to with the subject marked as “DTA_Construction_Legal”.

Contact information:

Vitalii Velychko, procurement expert at East Europe Foundation,