Competition for the position of DevOps administrator of information systems and platforms of the registers of the Digital Projects Portfolio Management Office of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine

East Europe Foundation, as part of the USAID/UK aid Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) project, announces a competition for the position of DevOps administrator of information systems and platforms of the registers of the Digital Projects Portfolio Management Office of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The aim of the project

The Digital Project Management Office (hereinafter referred to as the Office) will build an organizational structure that performs various functions of centralized, coordinated and standardized management of the portfolio of projects under the responsibility of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry), ensure the exchange of resources, methodologies, techniques, technologies and implement best practices of digital transformation projects at the state level.

The main strategic goals of the Office:

  • Identification and categorization of projects, development of Project Programs;
  • Evaluation, selection and prioritization of projects;
  • Balancing the Project Portfolio;
  • Developing the architecture of industry platforms for organizing state registries/systems in accordance with the current legislation and the needs of the organization;
  • Implementation of unified digital standards for data exchange in sectoral areas of work;
  • Implementation of unified organizational approaches to ordering, creating and implementing information systems and registers to prevent legal inconsistencies with data owners;
  • Implementation of a data-driven approach to management decision-making and policy-making for the implementation of digital government projects/programs;
  • Incorporating modern global practices and requirements for personal data protection into the strategy for the development of information platforms.

Main operational tasks of the Office:

  • Developing, implementing and improving standards and guidelines for managing the Project Portfolio/Project Programs/individual projects;
  • Ongoing maintenance and support of digital projects/Project Programs and project teams;
  • Collecting management information;
  • Monitoring, coordination and reporting on projects/programs.

Position Title: DevOps administrator of information systems and registry platforms of the Digital Projects Portfolio Management Office of the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

Description of the position (function):

  • To implement DevOps methodology and tools to ensure a high degree of standardization of the development and operation of software products and services to accelerate their creation and updating;
  • Optimize the process of developing new products/services;
  • Select the optimal set of practices for managing and developing requirements for information systems;
  • Carry out the process of constant and high-quality monitoring of information systems performance.

Scope of work and responsibilities of a DevOps administrator:

  • Analysis of existing platforms of state electronic registers and information systems;
  • Building and implementing a comprehensive CI/CD process for project development;
  • Use of best practices for deploying registry platforms in the target data center based on a private vSphere cloud and AWS cloud;
  • Analyze and apply best practices for configuring, scaling, upgrading, backing up, and restoring platforms;
  • Setting up integrations with external systems and services;
  • Participation in the development and adoption of infrastructure decisions;
  • Automation of system and application deployment processes;
  • Collaboration with other teams in the project;
  • Meetings with stakeholders to clarify requirements for information systems;
  • Documenting the functionality of the platform and information systems;
  • Support of Atlassian software products;
  • Conducting presentations and coordination meetings for stakeholders.

Qualification requirements for DevOps administrators:

  • Understanding of the software design and development process, formulation of high-level technical requirements for a software product;
  • Ability to structure elements of information systems and identify technologies and possible software solutions;
  • Understanding of the basics of networking technologies and protocols;
  • Experience in ESXi, vCenter virtualization technologies;
  • Experience with AWS and Azure cloud technologies;
  • Knowledge of Unix operating systems (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS), Microsoft (Windows, Windows servers);
  • Experience with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL;
  • Experience with Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes;
  • Experience in administering Nginx, Git, PHP;
  • Understanding of monitoring systems, experience with Zabbix;
  • Understanding of the CDN (Cloudflare) workflow;
  • Experience in writing technical specifications, requirements and specifications for IT projects;
  • Experience with geographic information systems;
  • Experience with registry platforms;
  • Knowledge of BPMN 2.0 and UML notations.

Desired skills and experience:

  • More than two (2) years of experience in administering, configuring and maintaining
  • infrastructure;
  • Experience with Jira and Confluence;
  • Experience with clouds and cloud services (vSphere and AWS) is required;
  • Experience in communications with government agencies (clarifying requirements, conducting
  • presentations);
  • Knowledge of English will be an advantage.

Duration of work: up to 6 (six) months

Employment – mostly offline. Please note that preference is given to candidates who will be able to work in Kyiv and attend offline meetings, etc.

Applications (resume with relevant work experience and skills, direct contact details and desired salary level) should be sent by 18:00 on April 27, 2023, to the address: with a note «DevOps _MiU»

Contact information: Yulia Zaplavna, Project Manager, East Europe Foundation,