Competition for the position of Service Manager for Diia.Osvita platform

East Europe Foundation is looking for a Service Manager for Diia.Osvita to work closely with the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

 Key responsibilities:

  • Ensuring a high level of satisfaction of Diia.Osvita users from the experience of using the platform through regular and personalized communication.
  • Ensuring timely and complete responses to requests from project users in Ukrainian and, if necessary, in English in basic and crisis situations in accordance with the message box.
  • Fixing requests, forming the most relevant answer to the one provided in the script, communicating with the user and helping to resolve issues.
  • Continuous improvement of scripts and cases that occur with user requests on the platforms, emails, and social networks (Facebook and Instagram) of Osvita and IT Studio projects.
  • Knowledge of all platform functions (after introductory training from the project and communication team).
  • Ability to guide the user through the user journey.

Qualification requirements:

  • Calm attitude to multitasking, flexibility in processes.
  • Stress tolerance, love for people and work.
  • Ability to calmly explain the steps to users.
  • Teamwork and communication ethics.
  • Creative thinking.
  • Meeting the deadlines for completing tasks.

To apply for the position, please send your motivation letter and resume to, indicating «Service Project Manager for Diia.Osvita platform» in the subject line by July 23, 2023.