Competition for the Position of Project Manager in the Sphere of Open Data/Civic Tech

International charity organization East Europe Foundation announces a competition for the position of Project Manager in the Sphere of Open Data/Civic Tech to implement initiatives in digital transformation.

 Tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Planning, determining priorities, developing specific solutions to reach the goals, and execution of KPIs of the project/component of the program within which the project is implemented.
  2. Ensuring the achievement of the project goals through the careful organization of project deliverables creation. Coordination of completing the implementation plan and preparing reports on all of the stages of a project/component. Preparing analytics, organization of statistical data gathering, and tracking the long-term effect of a component.
  3. Presentation of project activities and results to stakeholders.
  4. Coordination of acceleration programs/grant competitions aimed at the creation of civic-tech instruments, monitoring of the implementation of participating teams’ projects, and ensuring their success.
  5. Develop technical requirements, carry out procurement procedures, and prepare agreements for contractors.
  6. Monitoring contractors’ work and ensuring the quality of products developed within the project.
  7. Providing expert advice and holding training sessions and workshops on open data.
  8. Preparing expert publications on the sphere of open data/civic-tech. Provision of information to the Communications Manager to prepare and spread materials about the activities within the component/project.
  9. Presenting interests of the program during cooperation with state authorities and other institutions, communication with partners within the project/component.

Qualification requirements:

  • higher education;
  • experience in the sphere of project management;
  • expert understanding of the sphere of open data and civic-tech products;
  • knowledge of the sphere of functioning of registers, API, and data exchange formats between registers, including through the Trembita system;
  • experience in using e-services;
  • fluency in Ukrainian and English, literacy;
  • strong analytical skills, attention to detail, responsibility, proactiveness, ability to multitask, punctuality;
  • confident use of PC and mobile devices.

To apply for the position, please send your motivation letter and resume to indicating “Project Manager in the Sphere of Open Data/Civic Tech” in the subject line by September 5, 2022.