Competition for IT Projects Manager Position

East Europe Foundation announces a competition for the position of IT Projects Manager for the implementation of initiatives in the sphere of digital transformation.

 Key responsibilities:

  1. Ensuring the achievement of project aims through the careful organization, accomplishing the results of a separate project as a part of the program implemented by EEF.
  2. Working with the Program Manager to develop approaches to project planning and implementation. Completing project management activities; development and constant updating of plans; monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation; and putting together reports on each stage of project realization.
  3. Determination and combination of all requests of stakeholders to build a reliable product, analyzing stakeholders’ existing resources and capabilities, and analyzing the international experience of similar projects implementation.
  4. Determination of the structure of data, objects, and algorithms to solve the necessary tasks.
  5. Evaluation of the amount of capital and operating expenses, including the expenses for the development and service of the software product.
  6. Development of technical requirements, specifications, and the technical task for the development of the software product and carrying out the necessary procurement.
  7. Setting tasks for a software product’s developers based on the testing results and during the support of product work after its launch and start of operation.
  8. Conduct meetings with stakeholders to gather the software product requirements and carry out presentations.
  9. Managing risks of the project, working with the Program Manager to develop strategies for working with risks and proper response to them.
  10. Ensuring the compliance of a software product with the requirements and expectations of a beneficiary as well as with the tasks of the project.
  11. Providing advice on technical questions and helping select the best solutions and contractors.

 Qualification requirements:

  • Higher technical education.
  • 5+ years of experience in software development, IT engineering, and IT architecture.
  • Proven experience in developing and launching new software products for work processes automation, data exchange, etc.
  • Knowledge of the modern process of software planning and development, its main principles, and business requirements.
  • Ability to structure the elements of information systems, select technologies and potential software solutions, manage the data, and put together the requirements for software products.
  • Experience in writing technical tasks, requirements, and specifications for IT products.
  • Experience in business processes modeling and knowledge of BPMN, UML, and Use Cases.
  • Experience in functional testing of software.
  • Experience in working with state authorities (clarifying requirements, conducting presentations).

 Will be an advantage:

  • Good command of law in the sphere of administrative services providing.
  • Certificates issued in accordance with the international project management standards or a diploma of completion of studies based on the relevant training programs. Knowledge of the English language.

To apply for the position, please send your motivation letter and resume to, indicating “IT Projects Manager” in the subject line by July 30, 2022.