Competition for the position of a training expert

Within the framework of the “UA.Platform Modernization” project, with the support of the “Good Governance through GovTech and Transparency in Ukraine” project, implemented by the federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the German Government.

We are looking for a team member to fill the position of Training Expert to play an important role in building and developing a new project. A specialist with significant experience in organizing training processes, with a proven portfolio of successful projects.

Main responsibilities and tasks:

  • organization of training processes for developers and administrators of registries – updating methods, training plans, complex tasks for individual testing;
  • support for teams in training – support for teams at the training stage (including the creation of the first registry);
  • advising development teams – addressing frequently asked questions to the first line of support;
  • support for central executive authorities in development management processes, including technical, organizational, and regulatory components – assistance in communicating with the registry development team, assistance in establishing effective processes between the central executive authorities and the developer, advice on regulatory support;
  • support for registry administrators in the training process – support for administrators in the training process, assistance, clarification, answers to questions;
  • certification of developers and administrators of registries – development of a certification program, determination of certificate types, their renewal period, criteria for issuance and cancellation, accounting and transparent verification of their validity;
  • consulting of registry development teams, implementation of the best practices – helping teams to find the best way to solve an applied problem during the construction of registries, advice on reengineering;
  • knowledge base formation – accumulation and aggregation of experience of using the Platform by registry developers, registry administrators, and Platform administrators;
  • counseling of central executive authorities wishing to order development – assistance to central executive authorities to form requirements and tasks for the development and reengineering of registers (especially in the absence of regulatory documents);
  • support of the Platform’s user community – support of the community of developers, representatives of central executive authorities (customers), and registry administrators;
  • preparation of presentational analytical and methodical materials;
  • organization and participation in meetings and events with stakeholders.

Desired skills and competencies:

  • higher education;
  • at least three years of experience in information technology in various positions;
  • experience in developing, launching and supporting projects of various levels of complexity;
  • experience of cooperation with international charitable organizations and foundations;
  • skills in forming, managing and training teams;
  • at least two years of experience in government structures;
  • intermediate or higher level of English;
  • experience in conducting analytical research.

To apply for the position, please send a cover letter and resume to by December 30, 2023.