Training for Identifiers

Ability to detect, identify and quickly dispose of explosive ordnance is a key to ensuring security of both civilians and animals in dangerous environments. 

Recently, together with our partner the State Emergency Service, we conducted another round of training for explosive ordnance (EO) identifiers. The three training sessions were held on December 5-21 in the Kyiv region.

During the twelve day trainings, the State Emergency Service experts taught the participants how to properly handle the EO, how to provide first aid to the victims, and most importantly, how to classify and identify hazards through visual recognition.

This time, the training was offered to 180 police officers, foresters and fighters of the territorial defense units from Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Zaporizhia, Sumy, Donetsk, and Kherson regions. We believe that thanks to the training they are well equipped with skills and knowledge to keep others safe and ensure landmine safety in their regions.

Despite continued efforts of the pyrotechnic units of the State Emergency Service, the problem of explosive hazards stays relevant for the entire Ukraine, especially in the de-occupied territories. The enemy placed mines and explosives in different places, and booby traps have been found even in places such as household appliances, children’s toys or packs of cigarettes.

Stay alert and be prudent: do not approach or touch suspicious or explosive objects. Above all, keep your children out of danger. 

The training was conducted as part of the Watch Your Step! Program, which is implemented by East Europe Foundation with funds from DanChurchAid.