To entertain and educate: children's fire camps

Volunteer Firefighters Association NGO has developed a “Methodology for Conducting a Children’s Fire Safety Summer Camp”.

A volunteer fire brigade in your own community is not only an interesting experience, but also a vital necessity. A quick response to a fire is the key to less damage and casualties in an emergency. Especially when it comes to geographically remote settlements, it is sometimes quite difficult for professional firefighters to reach.

Within the framework of the project “Accelerating the Capacity of Newly Established Volunteer Fire Brigades at the Local Level” and to promote the volunteer fire brigades of Volunteer Firefighters Association NGO prepared and held eight five-day children’s camps on fire safety. Around one hundred participants took part in the events.

To ensure that children have fun and acquire useful knowledge and skills, the methodologist developed a “Methodology for Conducting a Children’s Fire Safety Summer Camp”. It contains:

  • techniques for engaging children in participation
  • interesting exercises and games with an algorithm for their implementation
  • applications and materials (colouring books, crafts)

In addition, the authors of the guidelines, Yulia Volyanska and Vasyl Kundryk, gave their own example of a five-day summer thematic camp programme.

The authors of the methodology are confident that it will help to engage the population of different communities in safety activities more effectively, and arise interest in creating their own volunteer fire brigades among both adults and children.

The methodological guidelines were created by Volunteer Firefighters Association NGO within the framework of the Spilnodiia Programme, implemented by East Europe Foundation in partnership with Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research and Together Against Corruption NGO with the financial support of the European Union.