Together We Shelter Program

Together We Shelter Program is a logical continuation of the IDP support activity launched by East Europe Foundation in March 2022.

The Program focuses on strengthening the capacity of Ukrainian civil society organizations that provide vital services to people affected by the war.

To date, eight public organizations have joined the Together We Shelter Program. Each of them received a grant of up to UAH 1,100,000 to renovate and equip shelters for IDPs in their community.

  • Local Development Support Fund NGO will improve living conditions in the IDP Center in Vysochanska community, Kharkiv region. The IDP Center is home to 58 IPDs. The project will include renovations of 12 rooms and the lobby. After the war, the facility will be converted into a boarding school for 58 children with mental disabilities.
  • HEART NGO plans to purchase and install 94 windows, as well as furniture and household appliances at the shelter for refugees and people whose homes were damaged by the war in Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region. A playroom for preschool children will also be arranged.
  • Pervomaisk City Charitable Foundation Dzherelo will perform major renovation of the food unit and purchase equipment for the Pervomaisk community shelter in Kharkiv region. This project will allow creating proper conditions for cooking healthy food for IDPs staying in the shelter.
  • Yedyne Dzherelo NGO will improve living conditions in the sanatorium-based shelter in Berezivske village, Kharkiv region, by partially renovating the building where 75 IDPs currently reside. The main goal is to prepare the premises for comfortable use in winter time.
  • Institute of Social Transformation NGO plans to renovate the IDP Center in Myronivska community in Kyiv region in several stages. As part of the project, a pavement, an underground shelter and the living room will be arranged. In addition to it, 10 rooms will be renovated.
  • Dzherelo Pidtrymky NGO will replace 76 windows in the IDP shelter located in a non-residential building in Dnipro. Currently, the shelter is home to 150 people. Following the replacement of windows, 70 more persons will potentially be able to move there.
  • Building the Future Together Charity plans to renovate the food unit at the sanatorium in Berezivske, Kharkiv region that was converted into a shelter. In addition to it, the necessary kitchen equipment and household appliances will be purchased for 348 IDPs currently staying in the shelter.
  • Myloserdia Charitable Foundation will renovate four bathrooms at the IDP shelter in the premises of an educational institution in Turka, Lviv region. The project also plans to provide barrier-free access for people with disabilities and separate male and female toilets.

The Together We Shelter Program is implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of the Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund.