E-Veteran Registry Development Support

The program to support the development of a Unified State Register of Veterans is being carried out by the East Europe Foundation in response to the provisions of a June 26, 2019 Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding between the Ministry of Veteran Affairs and the Foundation.

The overall objectives of the program are to improve the quality of government services to war veterans and members of their families, to reduce corruption risks, to increase community engagement in the process of developing and adopting government policies, to improve public-private dialog, and to increase public trust in the government.

Under this program, the Foundation is providing expert support to the Veterans Ministry in introducing software for a Unified State Register of Veterans, including placing veteran profiles on the Diya portal.

Expert support includes five components:

  • Legal analysis of the provisions of existing legislation regarding the setting up and functioning of a Unified State Register of Veterans, and recommendations regarding necessary changes to normative and legal acts;
  • Developing a plan for a public awareness campaign and related informational materials about presenting a veteran profile;
  • Putting together a content section called “What you should know” dedicated to services and benefits for war veterans;
  • Running focus-groups for the interface of the veteran profile, collecting and analyzing user feedback, and recommending necessary changes;
  • Organizing training for operators of the Unified State Register of Veterans.