Helping People in Kharkiv

n the Kharkiv region, the Volunteer-68 Humanitarian Aid Center nongovernmental organization provides assistance for people with disabilities and limited mobility and people affected by Russian shelling or military aggression as part of the Capable and Resistant Project implemented by East Europe Foundation with the support of the Government of Switzerland.

As a result of Russian military aggression, people with limited mobility living in Kharkiv and the region cannot receive timely medical and social services due to disruptions in the work of government and commercial entities that have provided these services. And, some people are on the verge of poverty due to their health condition or disabilities and need assistance with food and medicines.

 “I live on the first floor,” says Svitlana, a project participant. “For normal people, it’s just the first floor: two seconds and you’re outside. For us, it’s like Everest. If there used to be men who helped carry me outside and bring me down from the first floor; now they are either out of town or in the military. Because of Volunteer-68, after a few weeks of visits to the dentist, I will be beautiful and smile at everyone”.

Volunteer-68 was established immediately after February 24, 2022. It provides humanitarian assistance to people in difficult situations. It supports the elderly and people with limited mobility with targeted assistance, evacuation transportation and information and psychological support.

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