Online Course – CBRN Threats

Since the outset of its full-scale war, Russia is bombing Ukrainian nuclear power plants and threatening the world with a nuclear weapon. Over the past 11 months, the Russian Army has repeatedly used chemical weapons prohibited by the Geneva Convention.

Our enemy is cruel. Will Russian threats to use nuclear weapons remain just threats? No one can answer this question and no one can guarantee that Russians will not use nuclear weapons. Ukrainians must be ready for anything and clearly respond to a possible CBRN attack. Analyzing information to avoid panic while responding to hostile propaganda becomes extremely important.

With Hleb Repich, Ph.D. in Chemistry, and Oksana Moroz, founder of the info-hygiene initiative How Not to Become a Pod Person, we created and recorded an online course called CBRN Threats: From A to Z. CBRN remains a potential, hazardous threat.

 Five short sessions will address:

The radiation threat and what to do in case of a nuclear accident;

Chemical weapons and how to recognize a chemical attack;

Biological weapons and their primary danger;

What to do in case of a nuclear attack and how to protect your life and health; and,

Protecting yourself from hostile information operations.

Anyone can view the online course at no charge.

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 The online course CBRN Threats: From A to Z was developed as part of the Civil Defense Program, implemented by East Europe Foundation in partnership with Hala Systems Inc. with funds from the European Union.