New Grants for NGOs

Together We Shelter continues to help Ukrainians flee Russian-imposed hostilities. The Program focuses on strengthening Ukrainian NGOs that provide vital services to people affected by Russia’s war.

During the first wave of the Program, East Europe Foundation awarded nine grants of up to UAH 1.1 million each to nongovernmental organizations to administer repairs and equip shelters for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in their communities.

The second wave will provide 16 more grants of up to UAH 950,000 to meet non-food needs of the affected population.

The first five nonprofit organizations have already received funding to implement their projects, three of them from the Kherson region. Priority attention was given to this region of Ukraine, as the humanitarian crisis has become even worse after Russians blew up the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station in June.

  • Since the first days of the full-scale invasion, the NGO Mriy i Diy (Dream and Act) has been helping civilians in the Mykolaiv and Kherson regions. Now, the organization is supporting settlements of the Stanislavska Amalgamated Territorial Community in the Kherson region to provide residents with bedding, dishes and other household items. Project beneficiaries include pensioners, people with disabilities and single-parent families. The project plans to help 115 families which equates to 280 people.
  • The NGO Business Education Hub is an organization from the Zakarpattia region whose team consists of experienced entrepreneurs from various fields. All are IDPs who have experienced a difficult path of relocating and rebuilding their businesses. During the Russian invasion, Business Education Hub gained considerable experience in providing humanitarian aid. Now, the organization provides local residents and IDPs from the Kherson region with household kits. In total, 166 families will be helped.
  • The NGO Alternative Journalist Union created a volunteer team of Kherson journalists from the first days of the war. During the 255 days of the city’s Russian occupation, the team helped residents of front-line villages and residents of Kherson and its suburbs. Alternative Journalist Union plans to provide humanitarian aid – 358 non-food packages – to Kherson residents who suffered from the environmental disaster caused by the explosion in the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant causing their homes to be flooded.
  • The charitable foundation Center for Aid to Displaced Persons and the Army supports IDPs from the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine in Dnipro. Thanks to the Together We Shelter grant, the organization will provide 400 households – more than 1,000 people – with non-food kits to quickly solve household issues in emergency situations. Priority will be given to the most vulnerable IDPs, including people with disabilities and large families.
  • The charitable foundation Dzherelo Vidrodzhennia helps the population of both the city of Kupiansk and the Kupiansk district, which are constantly under the threat of Russian shelling and uses insufficiently equipped bomb shelters. The foundation will provide 100 families, about 300 people, with family kits to be used in shelters. Each kit will include two futons, two sleeping bags, two blankets, two pillows, a jerry can and a power bank lamp.

We will inform you of other NGOs that will receive grants under the Together We Shelter program. So stay tuned for our news!

Together We Shelter is implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.