Five NGO Received Grants

“Together We Shelter” continues, and we continue to tell you about our partner organizations. The Foundation has already disbursed grant funds to 16 NGOs under the second wave of the Program. Our grantees are hard at work to implement their projects to provide humanitarian aid with non-food items.

In previous publications, we talked about 11 GOs, today we will share the stories of five more.

  • Ya-Mariupol Charitable Foundation supports internally displaced persons from Mariupol, who were forced to leave their homes due to hostilities and relocated to Lviv and the Lviv region. As part of the project, the organization will provide 112 assistance kits for the most vulnerable categories of families in adverse living conditions. Each set will include: two sets of bed linen, two blankets, sets of towels and kitchen utensils.
  • Public Ray of the Future NGO delivers assistance in Gostomel, the Kyiv region. Beneficiaries include the local population, whose property was completely destroyed, and the IDPs who now live here. The team plans to distribute 110 non-food kits to families. In total, more than 300 people will receive assistance.
  • Realization of Ideas Charitable Foundation, thanks to the funds received, will provide humanitarian assistance to IDPs who currently live in the Yuryivka community in the Dnipropetrovsk region. As part of the grant project, the Charity will distribute 290 non-food packages, primarily to large families, pregnant women, single mothers and people with disabilities.
  • FREE ZONE Charity Organization works with IDPs, persons dismissed from penitentiary institutions and representatives of vulnerable groups living in shelters in the Lviv and Dnipropetrovsk regions. The charity’s  team will provide 100 sets of non-food items that can be used in shelters. The kits will include: a folding bed, a mattress, two blankets, bed linen, a pillow, two towels and a power bank with a flashlight.
  • Bakhmut Community Development Agency NGO supports IDPs from Bakhmut who, due to active hostilities, left their homes and went to Dnipro city. The organization will use grants to create and distribute 150 non-food household kits. The primary focus will be on the most vulnerable categories of IDPs served at the Bakhmut Support Center “With Bakhmut in the Heart.”

Together We Shelter is implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.