Monitoring Visits to Shelters

The first wave of the Together We Shelter Program is coming to an end. Most of the NGOs that received grants to renovate and equip shelters for internally displaced persons (IDPs) are completing their projects. Therefore, our team conducted monitoring visits to shelters in different regions of Ukraine to evaluate the progress of the work and communicate in person with the shelter residents.

The Long-Term Accommodation Center for IDPs in Dnipro suffered from the Russian attack – the windows of the shelter were damaged by a blast wave. The NGO “Dzherelo Pidtrymky” (Source of Support) is helping the Center. Thanks to grant funds, civic activists replaced 76 windows and made window trims. During the visit, the Foundation’s representatives saw the work already completed and heard words of gratitude from both the NGO team and the Center residents. Such help was really necessary and timely, because winter is coming, and new high-quality windows will provide people with warmth and comfort. We are happy to make our contribution to their well-being!

The NGO “Institute of Social Transformation” is patronaging a shelter in Karapyshi village, Kyiv region, established at the recreation facility for children “Zorianyi” (Stellar). The residence area was refurbished and equipped with a bomb shelter and a ramp at the main entrance. In addition to it, 14 bedrooms were renovated. The Program staff member Halyna Rybalko and the Foundation’s technical coordinator Oleh Masniak visited the site to make sure the renovation works were dully performed in a timely fashion. According to our team, the shelter residents have comfortable living conditions and are very pleased with the results of the renovation. And this is the most important thing!

The next monitoring visit took place in the Lviv region, where two NGOs are implementing their projects under the Together We Shelter Program.

The Charitable Foundation “Tvoia Opora” (Your Support) is already working in one of the largest shelters in Lviv. Our team was shown the already completed high quality renovation works in seven bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, lobbies and bathrooms. The next step is to repair the showers. The main challenge for the project team was the lack of builders, as many men were enlisted for military service. Yet the organization still managed to find a professional contractor to perform the work. Well done!

The Charitable Foundation “Myloserdia” (Mercy) undertook to help an IDP shelter based at a gymnasium in Turka. The project objective was to renovate the bathrooms; install modern showers and toilets;  and create barrier-free access to sanitary facilities for people with disabilities. At the time of our visit, some of the work had already been completed, and it was done well. The project works continue to arrange inclusive shower rooms. The works are performed in a timely fashion, according to the schedule, so we are waiting for the final results.

The final region visited by the Foundation’s team was Kharkiv, where four organizations work on similar projects to equip shelters for internally displaced persons.

“The Pervomaisk City Charitable Foundation “Dzherelo” (Spring)” has undertaken to renovate the canteen at the Pervomaisk Preschool Education Institution and to purchase equipment and furniture for the canteen. Currently, the renovation is in progress, and all the necessary equipment has already been purchased. Soon the renovated catering unit will be able to function, and the residents of the orphanage will be able to receive even better services in the dining room.

At the time of the visit, the project of the NGO “Local Development Support Fund” was already completed. Our technical coordinator, Oleh Masniak, visited the shelter at the Zelenohai Special School, where the NGO refurbished 12 rooms and a corridor, as well as replaced lights, faucets in bathrooms, and installed new interior doors. Mr. Oleh approved the work and received excellent feedback from the shelter residents. Now the shelter is home to about 40 people, and in the future it will accommodate children with special needs, as a result of the renovation.

The shelter established at the recreational facility of Berezovskiy Mineral Waters Resort Clinical Sanatorium received support from two organizations as part of our grant program. The sanatorium has a large area and can accommodate many people, yet there is still a lot of work to be done.

The Charitable Foundation “Building the Future Together” looked after the dining room renovation. This dining space is used by more than 300 people living in the shelter on a daily basis. Thanks to the grant funds, the charity managed to reconstruct the porch, renovate the vegetable storage area and cooking facility and the dishwashing room, replace windows and purchase the necessary appliances. The cooks, who work in the shelter on a volunteer basis, sincerely thanked the NGO, our Foundation and donors for their help, because now it will be so much more convenient and enjoyable for them to do their work.

The NGO “Yedyne Dzherelo” (One Source) undertook to renovate the building 1-A of the Berminvody Clinical Sanatorium. At the time of the monitoring visit, the roof had already been repaired and the gutters replaced. The process of replacing the heating system and window and balcony units in the living rooms and windows in the common areas is in progress. The “Yedyne Dzherelo” project will be completed at the end of September, so the shelter will be warm and cozy by the time the cold weather sets in.

The only organization of the first wave of grant projects that we were unfortunately unable to visit for security reasons is the NGO “HART”. This public organization runs a shelter in the city of Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region. “HART” works under constant shelling due to its proximity to the frontline. Despite all this, our grantee continues to help IDPs: within the project, this public organization managed to replace 90 windows together with external and internal window trims; purchased household appliances and 10 desks for children; and equipped a playroom for preschool children. We are proud to work together and support such courageous Ukrainian organizations!

Based on the results of the monitoring visits, we can confidently say that the grantees have been extremely responsible in fulfilling their obligations. Our common goal of improving the living conditions of Ukraine’s internally displaced persons has been clearly achieved. But we will continue to work tirelessly and look for new opportunities to help those in need.

The Together We Shelter Program is implemented by East Europe Foundation with the support of the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund.