Let’s Play Watch Your Step!

The game was designed with the purpose to inform children about unexploded ordnance (UXO), what it can look like, and what to do when a suspicious object is found. Most importantly, the game helps children find out about significant things in a way that is interesting, easy to understand and just fun so that students are eager to learn! 

Watch Your Step! board game is a multiplayer game, so all the kids get to play! Everyone gets their card and answers questions, and success in the game depends on joint efforts. Only together can we achieve victory.

During two lessons, students were actively involved in playing the game, performing tasks, searching for correct answers and helping each other. At the end of the game, a coach from the State Emergency Service held a group discussion to debrief the game participants on the new things they learned and answer any questions they still had about unexploded ordnance. 

Watch Your Step! educational game is a great way to explain important things to children by making learning fun. Therefore, we, together with the State Emergency Service, encourage parents and teachers throughout Ukraine to play this game with your children at school and at home to help them learn about complex things in a simple way. Ultimately, safety begins with awareness and knowledge. 

East Europe Foundation developed the game Watch Your Step! in partnership with the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the YMCA with funds from DanChurchAid.