Grants for Kharkiv organizations

You may read about the organizations and what they will do within the project.

  • Kharkiv Regional Youth NGO Kharkiv Volunteer Center will provide social services and volunteer assistance to vulnerable women, girls and low-income people in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region, provide them with food and household goods, and train women and men to help women at the “School of Volunteers”.
  • The Kharkiv branch of the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation for Assistance to Victims of Violence will provide psychological support to women in Kharkiv region who have experienced cases of gender-based violence (GBV) and domestic violence (DV) and to persons at risk of GBV and DV, and will conduct individual and crisis counseling (as needed).
  • NGO Age of Opportunities will help women learn new specialties, improve their knowledge and practical skills in courses for marketers, copywriters and content managers, and project administrators.
  • The Humanitarian Aid Center Volunteer-68 organizes transportation and support for people with limited mobility to receive necessary medical or administrative services and humanitarian aid.