We Harmonize Legislation

On May 22-23, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Ministry of Digital Transformation team took part in the workshop dedicated to the applicable EU legislation on open data. The event was attended by the European Commission representatives and delegates from more than 20 EU countries.

Ukraine ranks second in Europe by the level of open data development. As a candidate for EU membership, we have undertaken to harmonize Ukraine’s Law with the EU acquis. 

During the presentation, the Ministry of Digital Transformation team shared its experience in the EU Directive 1024 implementation in the national legislation. In particular, this document enshrines the principle of ‘digital by default’ for open data.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation also presented a roadmap for the implementation of the key provisions of the EU Law on data circulation:

  • Regulation on the free circulation of non-personal data; and,
  • General Data Protection Regulation.

The Ukrainian delegation stressed the importance of open data in ensuring transparent and effective post-war recovery of Ukraine.

The team will soon announce the study presentation to the Ukrainian public. 

The review and implementation of the EU acquis are supported by the USAID/UK Aid Project Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS). The Project partner is East Europe Foundation. 

The workshop was organized with the assistance of the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, representatives of the European Parliament, and the open data portal