Grants for CSOs and media

12 nongovernmental organisations and media registered as public organisations will receive grants from East Europe Foundation, as part of the Resilience Programme. The winners of the grant competition will receive funding to help them relocate to safer regions of Ukraine. Furthermore, the grant funds will be used for a whole range of purposes: to arrange co-working spaces; finance the salary payment; implement projects to support IDPs and combat Russian propaganda.

Here are our grant competition winners:

Lot 1. Relocation and settling in a new place:

  • NGO Fishermen’s Club of Ukraine – UA Fishing Club
  • NGO Global View (Globalny Pohlyad)
  • NGO Eastern Ukrainian Center for Protection of Women

Lot 2. Creating conditions to assist IDPs, in particular representatives of civil society organizations, and to facilitate their interaction with host communities:

  • NGO Regional Development Agency of Tavria Association of Territorial Communities
  • NGO Spotlight on Ukraine
  • Analytical and Advocacy Center Lviv Regulatory Hub
  • Center of Social Initiatives of the Trostyanets Territorial Community

Lot 3. Building capacity of the media registered as non-profit organizations to ensure their continued professional activities and media projects implementation:

  • NGO Sustainable Ukraine
  • Anti-crisis Media Center
  • Crimean Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation Ukrainian House
  • NGO Journalistic organization of MIG newspaper
  • Human Rights Education Center in Lviv

“The European Union is providing funds to help Ukrainian civil society organisations continue their work, ease the burden associated with relocation and settling in a new place, and counteract Russian propaganda and disinformation. It also helps to implement measures aimed at creating or improving the conditions for IDPs in the host community,” said Sinziana Poiana, Programme Officer for Civil Society Support of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

200 applicants from civil society and the media sector from all over Ukraine participated in our grant competition.

“Now there are about five million internally displaced persons in Ukraine. Some of them have prior experience of civic activism, so they are trying to continue to work in new places, despite all the difficulties. One of our priorities is to support civil society. We are happy to provide grant and institutional support and to make sure selected public organizations can continue to grow and implement their projects in new communities, create conditions for IDPs, and be resilient,” said Viktor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation.

In the near future, the selected organisations will receive up to one million hryvnias each to implement their projects and initiatives. Furthermore, they will receive institutional support from the Foundation team and external experts who will help them create the organization development roadmap on the basis of their organizational capacity assessment. The grantees will have a chance to attend a series of training on cybersecurity, project management, and adaptation to working in crisis conditions.

Background information

The Stiykist’ Programme is implemented by East Europe Foundation within the framework of a consortium of civil society organisations led by ERIM (France) in partnership with the Human Rights House Foundation, Human Rights House Tbilisi, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, and funded by the European Union. The Programme runs from June 2022 to May 2023.


The European Union supports Ukraine in the face of the unprovoked and unjustified full-scale Russian invasion. To date, EUR 2 billion has been allocated to support Ukraine’s defence through the European Peace Facility. Support is available through repurposing of ongoing projects worth a total of about EUR 140 million. Over EUR 130 million has recently been disbursed as budget support. This immediate response will be continued through the mobilisation of an additional EUR 330 million.

Over 30 000 tonnes of in-kind assistance has been provided by all EU Member States and other partners through the Union Civil Protection Mechanism. EUR 9.1 billion was raised at the ‘Stand Up for Ukraine’ global pledging event for humanitarian aid, support to refugees, internally displaced persons and recovery. Another EUR 6.1 billion was raised at the International Donor Conference on 5 May in Warsaw.

The EU also supports Ukraine with emergency Macro-Financial Assistance, amounting to EUR 1.2 billion.

For more information please contact the program team via email