New grants to support media projects

We are glad to announce three additional winners of the Stiykist’ Programme grant competition in Lot 3. One of the programme’s focuses is to support media that have the status of NGOs, strengthening their professional capacity; implementing media projects aimed at countering Russian propaganda and disinformation, as well as those that are useful for IDPs, promote the stories about adaptation of internally displaced people, and other important topics in times of war.

Meet the winners and their projects:

  • NGO Kharkiv Crisis Information Center (Nakypilo Media Group, Kharkiv) received funds to restart the Nakypilo online radio. The team aims to expand the audience of the online radio and increase the availability of quality information for residents of Kharkiv oblast, especially in the de-occupied areas.
  • NGO All-Ukrainian public organisation of people with disabilities “Ukrainian Society of the Blind” aims to help people with visual impairments overcome the lack of information in accessible forms, support IDPs who have the feelings of isolation and hopelessness in order to adapt and integrate into society. The grant funds will be used to create a series of thematic programs and support the work of UTOS Radio.
  • NGO Zakarpattya Free Media will cover the process of social integration of IDPs and relocated businesses in Zakarpattia oblast, and improve its own digital security. The media plans to release a series of publications on the social integration of IDPs into the life of local communities in Zakarpattia oblast, promoting tolerance and understanding between IDPs and local communities. It also plans to relaunch the project’s website.

Selected  NGOs organisations start implementing their projects. As 12 other winners of this grant competition they will receive institutional support from the EEF team and external experts who will help them create the organisation development roadmap on the basis of their organisational capacity assessment. The grantees will have a chance to attend a series of training on cybersecurity, project management, and adaptation to working in crisis conditions.

The Stiykist’ Programme is implemented by East Europe Foundation within the framework of a consortium of civil society organisations led by ERIM (France) in partnership with the Human Rights House Foundation, Human Rights House Tbilisi, the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, and funded by the European Union.