9 Grants of the Capable and Resistant Program

East Europe Foundation is thrilled to announce nine more civil society organizations (CSOs) as winners of the second phase of the Capable and Resistant grant program, generously supported by Switzerland.

These CSOs were awarded grants to spearhead initiatives aimed at combating gender-based violence, safeguarding women’s rights, and supporting vulnerable groups, ethnic minorities, and individuals impacted by the full-scale invasion.

With a staggering number of over 300 applications from civil society organizations, we are excited to introduce the last nine victorious CSOs and provide a snapshot of the transformative projects they are undertaking:

Charitable Organization Charitable Foundation Dobrodii Club with the project Strength and Support Place for War-Affected Children, Kyiv

This initiative is dedicated to organizing offline events at the Strength and Support Place specially developed by the Dobrodii Club to strengthen Ukrainian adolescents affected by the war. These events will provide group therapy, art therapy, and educational activities focused on child protection and life skills education.

Civil Society Organization Leaderka” with the project “Safe Space – Kremenchuk, City of Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast

This project is dedicated to offering comprehensive support to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and vulnerable populations in Kremenchuk. It provides a safe space for training, counseling, psychological, legal, and coaching assistance, along with opportunities for systematic development and knowledge acquisition.

Specifically, the project includes a variety of activities for IDP women and local vulnerable groups (single/multiple children, people with disabilities, people in difficult life circumstances, and SGBV survivors). These activities range from life goal definition to professional training and business start-up. Psycho-emotional assistance is also provided under the Samopomich Plus (Self Help +) program, developed by the WHO for primary psychological assistance in the field.

Civil Society Organization Chernihiv Public Committee for Human Rights Protection (ChPCHRP) with the project Advocating for SGBV Survivors Amidst War in Chernihiv Oblast”, Chernihiv Oblast 

This project focuses on strengthening efforts to combat gender-based violence (GBV) at the community level in the Chernihiv Oblast. It aims to develop the competence of community representatives and foster their collaboration with the police, social services, and NCAs.

 The project will provide comprehensive specialized assistance and support to survivors of GBV in the communities of Chernihiv Oblast. The staff of ChPCHRP and other human rights defenders in the Chernihiv Oblast will receive training to strengthen their capacity in advocacy, strategic litigation, leadership development, and effective communication. This will enable them to effectively protect and restore the rights of GBV survivors during the war and provide legal support to vulnerable groups. Ten communities (TCs) in the Oblast will develop assistance algorithms, ensuring unimpeded access to information and assistance for SGBV survivors and risk groups.

Charitable Organization Club FUTURE’ with the project Supporting IDPs in Kryvyi Rih in Social Integration by Providing Temporary Shelter and Assistance, Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

This project aims to support internally displaced persons from vulnerable groups and families with children by providing a range of services in two shelters in Kryvyi Rih. In these shelters, individuals will receive temporary accommodation (from one day to two weeks, extendible if necessary), food, and high-quality social, psychological, and legal support. The organization’s consultants will assist with solving priority issues and help them adapt to the new environment. Social, psychological, and legal assistance is available not only to shelter residents but also to all IDPs registered in Kryvyi Rih, from key population groups of the city and communities adjacent to Kryvyi Rih.

Civil Society Organization “Crisis Psychological Assistance in Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast” with the project “Wings of Support”, City of Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk Oblast

This project is committed to providing psychological resource support to women and adolescents affected by the war, including internally displaced persons, military wives, and widows.  The Civil Society Organization plans to enhance the psycho-emotional state of each of these potential participants through group and individual counseling.

CSO “Building Ukraine Together” with the project “Community Support in the Aftermath of Full-Scale Invasion”, Mena Community, Chernihiv Oblast

 This project is dedicated to engaging residents of the recently liberated Mena community in addressing common issues and enhancing their social cohesion. It includes organizing trainings on participatory project development and volunteer management. As part of the project implementation, a social/cultural infrastructure facility will be restored and equipped in the Mena community. Additionally, through the Capable and Resistant program, six volunteer camps will be organized in the community, involving local youth.

 Civil Society Organization “ZMIST POLTAVA” with the project of “Center for Adaptation of Internally Displaced Persons”, Poltava Oblast 

This project focuses on enhancing the economic adaptation and social integration of internally displaced persons in the Poltava Oblast. It includes organizing training on starting a business and learning new professions, individual consultations with a psychologist, as well as yoga and art therapy classes.  ZMIST POLTAVA will also work on improving its institutional capacity in fundraising and communications.

Civil Society Organization Dzherelo Pidtrymky” with the project “Creating Comfortable Living Conditions for IDPs and Strengthening the Sustainability of the Center for Long-Term Stay of IDPs in the Dnipro City Community, Dnipro 

The goal of this project is to improve living conditions for IDPs affected by hostilities by creating a comfortable and safe living environment and ensuring the sustainable functioning of the Center for Long-Term Stay of IDPs in Dnipro. The project includes replacing the power grid in the common areas and living rooms of the IDP Center for Long-Term Accommodation.  The repair work will ensure the trouble-free and reliable operation of the power grid, create conditions for comfortable and safe living for IDPs, and improve their psycho-emotional state. 

Civil Society Organization Center for Strategic Initiatives (CSI) with the project “My Harvest Year”, Khmelnytskyi Oblast

The project is designed to enhance the adaptation of IDP families, families of the Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen, and local residents of rural communities in Khmelnytskyi Oblast to living on the land by providing gardening equipment and greenhouses for joint use. In addition, three webinars will be organized for selected project participants on growing crops: specifically, “Features of Growing Vegetables in a Greenhouse,” “Preparing a Garden and Vegetable Garden for Spring Field Work,” “Ecological Methods of Improving Soil Structure on a Personal Plot,” and 20 individual consultations on growing crops.