11 CSOs to be provided with institutional support

East Europe Foundation announces the winners of the grant competition under the Institutional Support Programme for the Phoenix Project’s partner organisations, which is funded by the European Union. 

Since 24 February 2022, civil society organisations have worked tremendously to mitigate the traumatic effects of the full-scale war in Ukraine. During this time, civil society organisations have devoted all their efforts and assets to help Ukrainian society. Some of them have relocated to other regions, while others have changed not only their location but also their avenue of activity. 

This opportunity is thus aimed at supporting organisations, providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to implement various projects and develop themselves. 

Competitors included the CSOs that implemented grant projects under East Europe Foundation’s programmes between 2018 and 2023. 

These are the winners: 

  1. Together Against Corruption, a civil society organisation 
  1. Public Movement for Empowering Women in Ukraine “Women’s Power”, a civil society organisation 
  1. Good Actions, a civil society organisation 
  1. Analytical and Advocacy Center Lviv Regulatory Hub, a civil society organisation 
  1. The Foundation of Support of Local Development, a civil society organisation 
  1. Create Dobropillya, a civil society organisation 
  1. Renovation Map, a civil society organisation 
  1. PRAVO Khmilnyk District Civil Society Organisation 
  1. Podolian Agency for Regional Development, a civil society organisation 
  1. Kharkiv Volunteer Centre, a youth civil society organisation in the Kharkiv Oblast 
  2. Fishing Club of Ukraine — UA Fishing Club CSO 

Under the Institutional Support Programme, the winners will receive a grant-related, as well as training, consulting and mentoring support from the Foundation’s team of experts. In particular, they will be able to improve their managerial and operating capacity, their efficient functioning in the communication sphere, and hold project management training, psychological support activities, conduct audits, etc.