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Demo Day – the final event of the acceleration program “Act to Connect” will take place on Friday, June 4. Ten teams will present their civic tech instruments, and the jury will choose five winners who receive 5 million UAH in total.

The competition is part of the European Union-financed “3D Project: Development Despite Disruption” implemented by the East Europe Foundation. 

“Act to Connect” started on January 21, 2021. Development teams submitted about 100 projects of innovative digital solutions in response to the social challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ten finalist teams worked on developing prototypes, business plans and tasted their instruments from the user’s point of view with the help of mentors for almost two months of the acceleration program.

They present projects at the final event, which takes place on Friday, June 4 at 3 p. m. The expert jury will choose five winners there. The prize fund of the Competition is 5 million UAH.

You can join and watch the pitching. More information in the Facebook event.

Ten teams participated in Acceleration Program and developed these projects:

  •     DJEK. Control panel of the city – improvement of communication in the housing and communal services sector.
  •     Marta – medbot eZdorovya will help simplify communication between patients and doctors.
  •     Gamification of education. Mriya – these developers want to gamify the educational process in the area of civic education through the computer game Minecraft.
  •     AxyCovUa is solving the problem of accessibility of government websites.
  •     The platform «All» aims to help citizens control the decision-making process for local infrastructure development.
  •     The digital ecosystem of the cultural heritage of an amalgamated territorial community: development through the influence – the aim of the project is to digitize cultural heritage sites.
  •     NOVA OSVITA. An innovative educational online space in the Zelenodolsk community (integration of all areas of education in the community on a single platform).
  •     Platform Re: Cult.Rivne – an online platform for the cultural life of the city.
  •     HELP Chornobyl aims to help Chernobyl liquidators’ represent their interests.
  •     Online platform CHITOO is an application for Ukrainian-language books.

This event will be interesting for:

  • CSOs which develop civic tech;
  • Teams of IT developers;
  • Journalists who write about technology, innovation, and the public sector.

The 3D Project (Development Despite Disruption: Resilient civil society in a time of COVID-19 and beyond) is an EU-funded project implemented by East Europe Foundation, supporting the empowerment of Ukrainian civil society to confront the effects of COVID-19. The project lasts from October 2020 to March 2022.

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