Analytical report on Ukrainian legislation

Open data is the basis of transparent government work and the foundation of building a democratic state. The development of this area is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Digital Affairs since its inception.

Work continues on the adaptation of Ukrainian legislation in the field of open data to European legislation. This will speed up the integration of our country into the European Union and ensure Ukraine’s inclusion in the EU’s Single Digital Market.

The purpose of the report is to investigate the extent to which Ukrainian legislation in the field of open data corresponds to European legislation. In particular, Regulation (EU) 2018/1807 and Regulation (EU) 2022/868. The results of the study showed that some of the European provisions have already been implemented in Ukrainian legislation. That is, it has a high level of adaptation to the European one.

Based on the results of the study, a clear plan for the implementation of EU legislation was created. Before implementation, it will be discussed with public figures and the positions of all stakeholders will be taken into account. It provides:

  • Creation of a special body that will monitor the interaction of bodies in the field of access to public information and protection of personal data.
  • Creating a single point of information for users who want to reuse data.
  • Development of a professional training system for specialists in data processing and protection.
  • International cooperation in the field of exchange of non-personal data between Ukraine and EU countries.

In addition, Ukraine plans to launch a paid data traffic market in the future. This will help to reimburse the costs of information processing and storage, ensure a high level of quality of data sets and thus eliminate a number of corruption risks.

The introduction of European standards into the national field of open data will help unify the legal systems of Ukraine and EU countries, improve the economic development of our country, and speed up integration into the European Union.

The report was developed by the non-governmental organization “Training and Consulting Center on Access to Information” within the framework of the USAID / UK aid project “Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services / TAPAS”, which is implemented by the Eurasia Foundation and with the assistance of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the support of East Europe Foundation.