Local Social Development

EEF’s Social Development Program aims to improve the quality of life for underprivileged groups of the population, including people with disabilities, the elderly, and vulnerable youth through provision of access to quality services and protection of their rights.

Governance and Civil Society

EEF improves local and regional governance by assisting municipal and oblast governments in designing public policies, implementing national reforms and increasing the participation of civil society organizations in the policy-making process. EEF also concentrates on public policy with respect to national-level legislation, including local and regional government reforms, the accountability of elected and appointed officials, e-governance and e-democracy.

USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program

USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program

Local Economic Development

EEF’s Local Economic Development Program aims to strengthen partnerships between public and private sectors and improve the capacity of local communities to employ innovative solutions for regional and local economic development, improving communal infrastructure, introducing new approaches for attracting investments, development of local infrastructure and stimulation of social enterprises.

Energy Efficiency and the Environment

The Energy Efficiency and the Environment Program stimulates innovative and participatory solutions to introduce environmentally friendly practices among Ukrainian communities, targeting energy efficiency, renewable energy, and effective waste management.