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On June 2, the Eastern Europe Foundation held the first online meeting of the participants of the Business Support Organizations School Component 2 “Guarding Business Interests”. The purpose of the event is to unite and motivate 30 Ukrainian business support organizations and initiative groups selected for the School from small towns and 16 regions of Ukraine.

The meeting was opened by Valeriia Ionan, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Dmytro Romanovych, Deputy Minister of the Ministry for Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, Lubomyr Chornyi, Head of the Business Climate Improvement direction, USAID Program «Competitive Economy of Ukraine».

Valeriia Ionan noted that business development is an extremely important task for the state and Ministry of Digital Transformation helps business to get modern digital tools and works on implementation of convenient e-services for business. Dmytro Romanovych spoke about the current priorities of the Ministry and specific programs to support business. Lubomyr Chorniy reminded about the key tasks of the School, the importance of involving organizations and initiative groups from small towns from all regions of Ukraine, and explained which blocks the program will consist of and what tools will help participants become stronger and more effective to protect business interests in regions.

Participants of the School also shared their vision and motivation. Business Support Organizations School is a modern tool for the development of a favorable business environment and a grant for the implementation of your own project. During the training, participants will learn how to use open data for business development and hold business online, how to check the effectiveness of the government, become an influential player, conduct advocacy campaigns and have an effective dialogue with government and local authorities. Participants will get a lot of relevant knowledge and practical skills to support business, launch new services and respond quickly to current challenges.

School participants will be able to develop their own organization, develop an idea, receive a grant and with the support of a mentor to implement their project.

Business Support Organizations School Component 2 “Guarding Business Interests” is implemented by the East Europe Foundation under support from the USAID Program «Competitive Economy of Ukraine».

The school has two components. The focus of the first component implemented by CIVITTA is on the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises in local economic governance, the establishment of the Dialogue, and joint efforts of local authorities and entrepreneurs for local economic development.

The second component is implemented by the East Europe Foundation and aimed at monitoring of local authorities; activities and increasing transparency in the interaction of local businesses with the local government.

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