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Within the 3D Project: Development Despite Disruption, which is implemented with the support of the European Union, we aim to ensure accessibility of coaching for public activists. We position coaching as a tool of leadership and team development. Also, coaching is a way to cope with uncertainty and adjust to the new work conditions caused by the pandemic. Therefore, we encourage representatives of CSOs to apply for the Coaching program for leaders of CSOs in times of the pandemic.

This call for applications is part of the 3D Project: Development Despite Disruption. Project implemented by East Europe Foundation with the financial support of the European Union. The project aims to boost Ukrainian civil society to combat the effects of the COVID-19.

The general purpose of the project is to increase the efficiency of civil society during the pandemic by strengthening the institutional capacity of civil society organizations (CSOs) and promoting their involvement in the widespread implementation of civic tech tools.

The aim of the Coaching Support Program is to develop the leadership skills of public initiatives representatives by introducing the coaching approach and the development of coaching competencies (express learning of coaching). We plan to recruit 20 participants who, with the help of coaching, will become stronger representatives of civil society, which plays a significant role in Ukrainian democratization, represents and protects the interests of citizens during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the future.

Participants will find out:

  • why is coaching useful for leaders of organizations (and not only CSOs)?
  • how does coaching help to develop as a person and as a team?
  • what is a coaching philosophy?
  • how can coaching help in communication (including remote one)?

Participants will use coaching skills and try to integrate coaching into their team activities.

The essential part of the program is each participant having an opportunity to be a coach’s client. They will receive recommendations from coaches on overcoming the difficulties encountered in the work of CSOs in a pandemic. The program lasts from September to November 2021.

You can see the feedback from the first wave of the program by this link. Here you can get inspired by stories of veterans and their loved ones who tried coaching and were not disappointed.

If you have doubts about whether coaching is for you, please read our article on coaching.

We are waiting for your applications until August 31 (inclusive). Registration form available in this link.

We will be glad to see among the applications representatives of organizations that specialize in civic tech tools; youth organizations; business support organizations; veteran organizations that assist in the psychological and social adaptation of the veterans; CSOs from small communities and villages, and those who represent vulnerable groups and improve their access to public services.

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