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We are happy to inform you about finishing the selection of participants for the second component “Guarding Business Interests” of the School for Business Support Organizations!

We carefully studied 114 applications and selected 30 organizations and initiative groups from 16 regions of Ukraine:

  1. Khmelnytsky district public organization “LAW” of Vinnytsia region
    2. Initiative group “Together for successful business” of Vinnytsia region​
    3. Public organization “Center for Business Initiatives – Vladimir” Volyn region​
    4. Initiative group “Business Catalyst” of Volyn region​
    5. Public organization “Nikopol Agency for Regional Development” of Dnipropetrovsk region​
    6. Initiative group “Interaction” of Dnipropetrovsk region​
    7. NGO “Vugledar Development Agency” of Donetsk region​
    8. Initiative group “Pokrovsky city organization of veterans and invalids of participants of anti-terrorist operation in Donetsk region” of Donetsk region​
    9. Public organization “Association” Renaissance and Development “of Donetsk region​
    10. Novograd-Volyn City Public Association of Individual Entrepreneurs, Representatives of Small and Medium Business “ZVYAGELCHANY” Zhytomyr Region​
    11. Initiative group “Entrepreneurial Baranivshchyna” of Zhytomyr region​
    12. Initiative group “Union of Entrepreneurs of Veselivsky District” of Zaporizhia region​
    13. Public organization “PROJECT OFFICE” I-SMART “of Kyiv region​
    14. Public organization “YOUTH COMMUNITY” of Kyiv region​
    15. Public organization “Central Ukrainian Agency for Regional Development” of Kirovohrad region​
    16. Initiative group “Public Association” Together “of Luhansk region​
    17. Initiative group “Veterans Brotherhood” Youth of Stryj Region “of Lviv region​
    18. Public organization “Sokal Agency for Regional Development” of Lviv region​
    20. “Agro-ecological-recreational cluster” Frumushika-Nova “in Tarutyn district” of Odessa region​
    21. Public organization “ZEON” of Rivne region​
    22. Public organization “Konotop Information Technology Cluster” of Sumy region​
    23. Public organization “Center for Development of Initiatives” InSource “” Ternopil region​
    24. Public organization “Territory of New Changes” of Ternopil region​
    25. Initiative group “Kremenets Business Support Center” of Ternopil region​
    26. Initiative group “Youth Coworking Center” PavuTyna “” Ternopil region​
    27. Public organization “Agency for Development and Investment” of Kharkiv region​
    28. Initiative group “Center for the Development of the Kharkiv suburbs” of Kharkiv region​
    29. Public organization “Future of Hryhorivka” of Kherson region​

    30. Initiative group “Center for Business and Tourism Support Stanislavskaya OTG” Kherson region

Thank you for the interest and participation in the selection procedure! Let us move on and we will tell you soon about the next steps!

The School for Business Support Organizations Component 2 “Guarding Business Interests” is implemented by the East Europe Foundation under support from the @USAID Program «Competitive Economy of Ukraine».

The school has two components. The focus of the first component implemented by @CIVITTA is on the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises in local economic governance, the establishment of the Dialogue, and joint efforts of local authorities and entrepreneurs for local economic development. The second component is implemented by the East Europe Foundation and aimed at monitoring of local authorities’ activities and increasing transparency in the interaction of local businesses with the local government.

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