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The acceleration programme of the Act to Connect Competition was completed at the beginning of June. It is implemented by the East Europe Foundation within the project “3D Project: Development Despite Disruption” with the support of the European Union. The prize fund of 6 million UAH was divided between six teams of winners. They have developed innovative digital solutions in response to the social challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 100 applications were submitted from all over Ukraine. Ten finalist teams worked on developing prototypes, business plans and tested their instruments from the user’s point of view with the help of mentors for almost two months of the acceleration programme. Teams were formed from public activists, representatives of small and medium enterprises, state and municipal enterprises, local governments and charities, non-governmental organizations, initiative groups, developers, engineers, and students. Center42 Innovation Agency and Happy Monday Career Development Platform were the mentors and partners of the acceleration programme.

”The wide use of civic tech tools should increase the efficiency of the public sector in a pandemic. The Act to Connect Competition has become an opportunity for startups developing civic tech to receive expert and financial support for their implementation. The prize fund was 5 million UAH in the beginning. However, during the acceleration programme, we decided to increase it by 1 million UAH to support one more team”, said Sinziana Poiana, Programme Officer for Civil Society Support in the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

During the final event of the acceleration programme, the expert jury selected the winners who develop the following projects: 

  • Medbot ”Marta” is a medical chatbot (operates in Viber, Telegram) serving as a fast and convenient communication channel between a patient and a medical entity which allows avoiding unnecessary visits and calls to the clinic.
  • DJEK. A city management control panel is a service that enables local governments to automate communication processes between residents, housing cooperatives, and communal services providers and control municipal infrastructure in a particular locality.
  • Project: mriia: power for change aims to create a civic education platform PlayGov for 7- to 12-year-old children, using Minecraft and Roblox games.
  • Platform “USI” is an informational and analytical platform for bridging civil and governmental involvement in municipal development.
  • AxyGovUA Digital Ramp performs regular monitoring of governmental websites on digital accessibility according to the international WCAG standards.
  • HELP CHORNOBYL is an automatic judicial assistance web service for Chernobyl liquidators and victims, which allows them to receive granted state compensations quickly, expertly, and safely in a time of COVID-19.

”The aim of the Act to Connect Competition is to help CSOs become more technological and make teams of IT developers more socially oriented. Winners` projects stimulate dialogue between communities and local governments, elevate the public sector, and generate a significant social impact. From now on, we will support the teams in project realization for a half year and look forward to the implementation of their instruments, Victor Liakh, President of East Europe Foundation, commented.

Background information

Act to Connect Competition is part of an EU-funded “3D Project: Development Despite Disruption: Resilient civil society in a time of COVID-19 and beyond”, implemented by East Europe Foundation, supporting the empowerment of Ukrainian civil society to confront the effects of COVID-19. The project lasts from October 2020 to April 2022.

East Europe Foundation (EEF) is a charity organization that started working in Ukraine in 2008. Since then, EEF has channeled approximately $30 million into social and economic community development projects, local initiatives aimed at civil society development, promotion of economic growth, and effective governance in Ukraine.

For additional information, please contact us via or at +380967147481 (Olha Milianovych, Communication Coordinator, East Europe Foundation).

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