Development Academy

One of the fundamental tasks of the EEF is the institutional development of our partners which will contribute to increased professionalism of the civil society in Ukraine. To this end, in 2015, EEF created a Development Academy, which aims to provide our partners with new resources, knowledge, and skills. During this time, we conducted numerous training activities, with the use of the relevant methodology we helped our partners assess the state of their organization and develop a plan for further development, launched video lectures in the form of short educational videos on the topics that are important for the development of any organization, i.e. project management, evaluation, and implementation of projects.

Please find below brief description of what we offer our partners within the framework of the educational initiative of the EEF’s Development Academy.

The Goal of the Program

To help program partners become developed organizations by:

  • improving their effectiveness
  • enhancement the impact of their programs
  • ensuring achievement of program goals in specific areas

Program Objectives

Through our participation in the Development Academy, our partners:

  • Have professional and efficient staff
  • See long-term prospects for their activities
  • Take into account in their programs changes in the internal and external environment
  • Efficiently use existing resources
  • Involve more resources for their activities.

Program Tools

  • Conducting of the Organize Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) for partners
  • Conducting training events
  • Provision of advisory services
  • Provision of Institutional Capacity Development (ICD) grants

What have been developed:

From 2016 we conducted numerous training events using the appropriate methodology, helped our partners evaluate the development of their organization and formulate a plan for further development, launched a video gallery in the form of small educational videos on topics that are important for the development of any organization: project management, project evaluation and implementation etc. Please find below links to them.

 Links to products created within the Academy of Development useful to other non-governmental organizations (in Ukrainian)

 Other educational activities within the Academy of Development (2016 – half of 2017):

  • Created 9 video trainings on various issues important for NGOs and their institutional development, conducted seven trainings for our partner organizations, including such topics as financial and project management, time management, presentation skills, infographics, strategic planning
  • Assisted 10 regional and two national partner organizations in the framework of institutional support to evaluate the state of development of their organizations and provided recommendations for further steps.
  • Conducted many training modules for our team.
  • For the third time supported the conducting of the School of Finance for NGOs, which we have dedicated to the memory of the EEF Financial Director Oksana Koval (2008-2015)..