EEF History

EEF Mission

Promote social and economic development of Ukraine by mobilizing resources, strengthening communities, and fostering partnership of communities, authorities, and business.

Our approach

  • establish sustainable partnership among communities, government, business, and other stakeholders;
  • enhance the capacity of local organizations by transferring them knowledge and experience, and providing financial support;
  • support the creation and dissemination of innovative development models and facilitate cooperation among its


East Europe Foundation (EEF) is an international charity organization which started working in Ukraine back in 2008. Since then, EEF has channeled approximately UAH 85 million into social and economic community development projects in Ukraine. EEF successfully carries on the developmental work of its founder, Eurasia Foundation, which during 15 years has invested over USD 47 million into projects and local initiatives aimed at civil society development, promotion of economic growth, and effective governance in Ukraine.

EEF is headed by an independent Board of Directors and implements economic and social development programs with the support of donors, including the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the European Union, Swiss Confederation, other European Governments, international organizations, foundations, charity organizations, local authorities, Ukrainian and international companies operating in Ukraine.

EEF is drawing on experience of its founder, as well as employing best international quality standards at all stages of program planning, implementation, and evaluation.