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East Europe Foundation Announces Open Call for Experts – Data Quality Analysts


Identify, compare, and resolve data quality problems.

Evaluate large dataset for quality and accuracy.

Determine business impact level for data quality issues.

Work with Programmers to correct data quality errors.

Determine root cause for data quality errors and make recommendations for long-term solutions.

Research and determine scope and complexity of issue so as to identify steps to fix issue.

Develop process improvements to enhance overall data quality.

Develop and execute data cleanup measures.

Maintain a record of original data and corrected data.

Ensure adherence to data quality standards.

Resolve all internal data exceptions in timely and accurate manner.

Identify areas of improvement to achieve data quality.

Analyze, query and manipulate data according to defined business rules and procedures

Based on the result of analysis, produce comprehensive report on the quality of data of the national registries and classifiers.


Experience in data management, data integration and data quality verification

Experience with Business Intelligence configuration management tools/processes and ETL development

Experience in data profiling

Familiar with database design and implementation

Obligatory excellent SQL knowledge

Experience in troubleshooting, performance tuning, and optimization

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