On  April 7, 2017 Kramatorsk Innovation Platform was presented to local authorities, NGOs, activists, media of the city of Kramatorsk. The platform which is based at Vilna Khata space www.facebook.com/groups/vilha.business  will be used as a hub for the development of social entrepreneurship in the region. To realize the original plan,  Lviv Education Foundation received a grant in amount of UAH 658,265 USD (February – August 2017) to implement the project aimed at creation of favorable environment for the social enterprises development in Kramators’k and surrounding towns which will also help to involve all stakeholders (NGO, government, business).

Kramatorsk Innovation Platform is a part of the ” Social Entrepreneurship as an Innovative Tool of Addressing Social Development Issues ” project which is being implemented by ChildFund Deutschland e.V. and EEF in 2016 -2019 and funded by German Federal Ministry of Economic Development and Cooperation. The project is the part of a program “Promoting inter-sectoral partnership to protect children: involving IDPs to active process participants”.

The main goal of the project implemented by EEF is to create a framework for the development of social entrepreneurship in eastern regions of Ukraine to improve the social and economic situation of vulnerable groups, bringing together business, government and local communities.

Kramatorsk Innovation Platform project partners plan to activate cooperation between local business, government and NGO through an information campaigns and joint thematic meetings; partners will aslo provide training courses on social entrepreneurship for active youth and IDPs in Kramatorsk. To improve the social condictions and economic opportunities for residents of Kramatorsk additional trainings on English language and wev-programming are planned as well as trainings on anti-corruption, participatory budgetas, etc.

Planned activities:

Information component

  • Four meetings with the business of the city and surrounding areas to raise awareness about the concept of social entrepreneurship and to motivate to join the project.
  • Information campaign about the nature and importance of spreading the idea of ​​social entrepreneurship in the region as an opportunity to improve the economic situation and tools to create new jobs for young people and IDPs. The information campaign will take place in social networks, during presentations which will be held in local educational establishments.
  • The team will motivate local businesses to get involved in the implementation of social initiatives in Kramatorsk.

The educational component

  • Develop a program of social entrepreneurship for young people, IDPs, government and business.
  • Holding an open presentation “Kitchen of ideas.”
  • In addition to knowledge and skills for social enterprises, to enhance the competitiveness of the target group in the labor market, partners will also deveop a course to study English and webdesign and programming. In order to increase activity of locals, Kramatorsk Innovation Platform will hold educational events on topics such as preventing corruption, the introduction of participatory budgets.