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On July 29 the three-day online training starts in The School of Business Support Organizations (BSOs School) 2nd Component  “On Guard for Business Interests.”

The program consists of five modules. The topic of the first module is “Capacity Building: Strategic Planning and Development.” During the online training, partners will learn about approaches to building a self-regulatory organization, models and standards of self-government, and learning more about organizational and institutional development, strategic planning, and good governance.

60 participants from 30 organizations will take part in the training in total. Now the program starts in Right-Bank Training Hub (Vinnytsia), the Left-Bank Training Hub (Kharkiv) joins on August 5-7. 

Component 2 “On Guard for Business Interests” offers local business development organizations modern tools to create a convenient business environment and a grant to implement their own project.

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The School of Business Support Organizations (BSO School) — Component 2 “On Guard for Business Interests” is implemented by the East Europe Foundation (EEF) supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program. 

The School is composed of two components. The goal of the first component, which is implemented by CIVITTA, is to make small and medium businesses to local economic governance, establish the dialogue and join the efforts of local authorities and entrepreneurs for the sake of regional economic development. The second component is aimed to monitor the actions and work of local authorities and to improve the transparency of the cooperation between local businesses and the government.

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