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Within the 3D Project: Development Despite Disruption, which is implemented by the East Europe Foundation with the support of the European Union, the selection of the winners of the second grant wave on civic tech implementation in the period of the pandemic has been finished. Among 55 applications were selected 10 initiatives according to the decision of the evaluation committee. We present a list of winners who will receive about 4,7 million UAH in total for the project’s realization.

  1. NGO Impulse of Kherson region

The purpose of the project: to improve the quality of urban services and the efficiency of solving citizens’ problems via the use of the application “UkrSkarga” by the local authorities and the community.

During the project`s implementation is planned to enhance the use of the application for submitting an electronic complaint “UkrSkarga” in the authorities of the Kherson city and extend it to the Kherson region; to explore the needs of citizens and local authorities in necessary complaint templates and update the application with new complaint templates; upgrade the service for the mobile version. Local authorities and the community will be informed and involved in the tool`s improvement through the holding of a round table and information campaign.

The amount of the grant: 525 298 UAH

2. NGO Human Rights Platform

The purpose of the project: to enhance the use of civic tech tools in the field of public information among residents of small communities and thus help to solve local problems in the new ATCs.

This project aims to develop the online platform “Access to Truth” for easy and free access to public information, in particular, through updating and broaden the online base of local administrators of public information. During the project is planned to conduct an awareness campaign for the tool`s popularization among residents of ATCs; and pieces of training for representatives of local CSOs.

The amount of the grant: 518 170 UAH

3. NGO Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Center

The purpose of the project: improving the interaction between local authorities and the community with the help of the electronic consultations system; popularization of already developed civic tech tools in the Ivano-Frankivsk city territorial community.

During the project implementation is planned to conduct an advocacy campaign on regulatory and technical support for the introduction of civic tech tools in the community; to carry out a survey of residents and entrepreneurs about using civic tech tools; to launch the electronic consultations system; to hold the workshops on the benefits of civic tech tools for officials of Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, utility workers, represents of CSOs; to conduct the awareness campaign.

The amount of the grant: 402 591 UAH

4. NGO “Regional Center for European Integration Projects”

The purpose of the project: implementation and popularization of e-democracy civic tech tools and increasing the capacity of residents to use them in Dyadkovytsia ATC.

Within the project is planned to advocate the enactment of legislation on increasing the number of implemented E-DEM civic tech tools. In particular, to already launched service «Public budget» will be added services such as «Open City», «e-consultation», «e-petition». Also, it is planned to hold workshops on the opportunities of using these tools to participate in public life for officials, active young people, senior citizens, public activists; to develop interactive dashboards and maps on the community website to inform residents, tourists, potential investors about the status of achievement operational and strategic goals of the ATC and the available cultural and tourism potential; to conduct the awareness campaign.

The amount of the grant: 306 406 UAH

5. NGO Map of renovation

The purpose of the project: to increase the use of civic tech tools for researching and protecting cultural heritage sites.

During the project implementation, will be developed an online course on methods of research of cultural heritage sites; published lectures and instructions on this research in open access; conducted field research and development of cards of historic buildings of Kyiv on the online platform; developed and popularized Telegram chatbot to make easier the gathering of information about abandoned buildings; conducted an informational campaign.

The amount of the grant: 546 784.80 UAH

6. NGO Parostok

The purpose of the project: to raise the awareness and involvement of persons with disabilities (especially hearing impairments) in the remote process of local problem solving with the help of civic tech.

Within the project, will be developed an inclusive online course with sign language interpretation on existing civic tech and ways of their use. The online course will be uploaded to the educational online platform «Zrozumilo!». Also, the students will be provided with mentor support in the field of using civic tech tools. Will be organized training of mentors to widen the knowledge about civic tech among persons with disabilities; conducted an informational campaign.

The amount of the grant: 288 175.00 UAH

7. NGO Center for Creative Entrepreneurship

The purpose of the project: establishing a dialogue between the public, local government, and business through the development and popularization of an interactive online travel platform

During the project implementation, it is planned to hold focus groups with the representatives of all interested stakeholders to determine the relevant categories of platform content; to develop and implement a technical solution for the online platform; involve active citizens and business` representatives for filling the platform with content; to develop a communication strategy for the promotion of the platform; to inform residents and tourists about the platform through developing informational videos, TV and radio broadcasts, information tours for local bloggers, and publications in online media.

The amount of the grant: 546 266.00 UAH

8. NGO Consulting Center for Small and Medium Business Support

The purpose of the project: introduction and promotion of a chatbot for developing business plans in order to make SMEs’ access to life cycle planning of their business projects in a pandemic easier.

The main goal of the project is to develop the chatbot on a calculation of business plans «BizBot»; introduce it in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv regions, and scale up to the national level. This process includes the development of technical and content parts of chatbot; consultation support for users on creating and validating of business plans with the help of chatbot; data gathering on feedback and practices of users` interaction, the formation of recommendations for improving the functionality of the chatbot; uploading of the information about the chatbot on the regional sites; conducting an informational and educational campaign.

The amount of the grant: 517 400.00 UAH

9. NGO Rivne Regional Organization of the All-Ukrainian Public Organization “Civil Network” Opora”

The purpose of the project: to increase the level of interaction between residents and local authorities on the community level via the Telegram bot «The Rivne City Council in the palm of your hand».

The process of project implementation includes the development and launching of the multifunctional Telegram bot, which will inform residents about deputies’ work, the decision-making process in the City Council, announcements of deputy commissions’ meetings, current petitions, and projects of public budget; development and introducing service of electronic consultations for the community; conduction of information and awareness-raising campaigns among residents about new tools through videoblogs, mini-series and animated promotional videos in online media.

The amount of the grant: 549 760 UAH


The purpose of the project: enhance the capacity of ATC to use crowd consulting civic tech tools to involve external experts in finding innovative solutions for community development in a pandemic.

The project implementation includes the development of an educational course on using crowd consulting web-platform for authorities of ATCs;  holding pieces of online training and online consultations for 15 (at least) selected representatives of ATS; conduction of promotion campaign; involvement in solving proposed cases the residents of selected ATCs and citizens from other territories of Ukraine; selection and presentation of the best solutions; consultation support for ATCs on implementation and monitoring received solutions.

The amount of the grant: 519 859.40 UAH

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