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On October 12, 2021, the chatbot for the servicemen “Application Against Sexual Violence” was presented during the press conference in Veteran Hub. The application was developed by the NGO “Institute of Gender Programs” within the 3DProject.

The event was attended by the executive director of the NGO “Institute of Gender Programs” Maryna Lazarenko, co-founder of the “Veteranius” project Liuba Shypovych, project coordinator at East Europe Foundation Maryna Hopko, advisor to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on gender issues Victoriia Arnautova, veterans, and chatbot developers.

Фото з презентації чат-бота

Those who face sexual abuse often do not report the cases that occurred because there is no clear complaint and report mechanism. Plus, even though there is an opportunity to receive psychological and legal advice, there is no anonymity in the initial stages of the process, and so there is a fear of losing a status or even a job. The victims find themselves one-on-one with the problem. The project of the “Institute of Gender Programs” has the aim to change it.

Using the chatbot, servicemen can anonymously receive information, psychological, and legal support if they face sexual harassment. Chatbot is the first stage of providing anonymous help to the victims, which provides information about the available and effective algorithms to protect the rights of the victims and ensure that their needs are met. 

The works on the technical development of the chatbot were conducted for a few months by the alumni ofVeteranius” project, which assists the veterans in mastering the IT professions. The chatbot can be found of the website of Invisible Battalion:

The project “An Application to Counteract Sexual Abuse” is implemented by the NGO “Institute of Gender Programs” within the 3D Project (Development Despite Disruption: Resilient civil society in a time of COVID-19 and beyond), an EU-funded project implemented by East Europe Foundation.

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