USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program

USAID Leadership in Economic Governance (LEV) Program

Program implementation period: December 2014 through December 2019

Program Goal:
to improve the business environment, combine the efforts of reform oriented civil society organizations and government institutions for the necessary change in policy, preparation, and implementation of the law, as well as to ensure specific institutional reforms contributing to development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). Effective and predictable legal framework developing in the country in accordance with the EU principles and practices will promote Ukraine’s gradual integration into European and global markets.

Program Operates:
on the national and regional levels in close cooperation with the Ukrainian government and regional authorities, specialized ministries and parliamentary committees, business associations, regional development agencies, expert analysis centers, and non-governmental organizations.
The Program activities are aimed to support the SME promotion reforms, establish a continuous public-private dialogue, and use the tools to build the capacity and institutional capability of the participating organizations. The program engages organizations which are ready to support those, in particular, who are capable of maintaining a constructive dialogue with the government regarding the choice of the policy areas to ensure the competitive capability of the private sector.

Program Objectives:
• to establish the legal, regulatory, and administrative measures for improvement of the business environment for SME in Ukraine;
• to provide support, at the central and local levels, for preparation, promotion, and implementation of effective legislation, regulation, and procedures based on the analysis of the major legal, regulatory, and administrative barriers;
• to coordinate and support the initiatives of the business community for promotion of economically justified and fiscally responsible reforms.

USAID Leadership in Economic Governance Program Contact Information

96 Saksahanskoho str., of. 508
Kyiv, 01033
tel. (044) 289-5532

Tamara Solyanyk
Program Director

Natalia Slynko
Deputy Director

Maria Sokolova
Program Regional Coordinator

Program Partners:

USAID LEV Program is implemented by East Europe Foundation in consortium with

Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting


Kyiv Economic Institute