Equal Access for People with Disabilities

The Equal Access for People with Disabilities project ensures equal physical access to public buildings and services for people with special needs and increase the quality of services provided to them by public and private organizations.

“Poverty Alleviation through Improved Physical Access for people with Disabilities in Kharkiv oblast” project was implemented by EEF together with the Kharkiv oblast administration and local partner organization “Creavita” with funding from Philip Morris Ukraine. As a result an accessible entrance with a ramp was constructed at the premises of Oblast hospital and Clinical hospital # 17 alongside with accessible personal hygiene rooms.
Partners have also identified the most needed assistive equipment and bought hearing aids, walking aids and wheel chairs of more than UAH 100 000.
During previous years EEF and PMU have implemented several project aimed on solving of important social projects in Kharkivska oblast.

East Europe Foundation, in partnership with Slavutich, Carlsberg Group, has provided more than UAH 200,000 to three NGOs in Vinnytsia oblast to improve public access for people living with disabilities. The grant funding made it possible for the Vinnytsia Podilska Hromada charitable foundation to make the oblast drama theater accessible for people with special needs. Another Vinnytsa-based organization, the Harmonia NGO for youth with disabilities, improved mobility for people in wheelchairs and people with visiual impaiormnets by providing special escort and transportation services around the city. Additionally the Svit Informatsii Association of Library Users from the small town of Bar in Vinnytsia oblast worked to expand the spectrum of library services and create an audio library for people with visual impairments. The association also trained readers with visual impairements on how to use state-of the-art software and use the internet. These important inititatives improved services for people with disabilities and helped them better inegrate into society.

EEF’s Equal Access for People with Disabilities project ensured equal access to public buildings and recreational sites for people with special needs in Ivano-Frankivsk and Zakarpattya oblasts. In 2009 EEF allocated more than UAH 353,000 to equip sites in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast with accommodations such as ramps, call buttons and special signs for people with disabilities. Local partners conducted advocacy campaigns on accessibility issues, including public service announcements produced by local students that promote the integration of people with special needs. A library for the blind also offered more than 1,050 audio books, as well as internet and email access and a basic training course on computer literacy to citizens with visual impairments. In addition, EEF installed audio warning systems for the blind at crosswalks and traffic lights in the city of Uzhgorod.