Social Entrepreneurship as an Innovative Tool of Addressing Social Development Issue

The Project is one of the components of the comprehensive program “Promoting inter-sectoral partnership to protect children: involving IDPs to active process participants” implemented by the German non-profit organization ChildFund Deutschland e.V. The Project implemented by EEF aims to create the basis for social entrepreneurship development in the eastern regions of Ukraine in order to improve social and economic circumstances of the vulnerable populations by way of uniting the efforts of business, authorities, and the local community.

In 2016:
• The survey on the condition of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine, which will serve as a baseline for creating a collection of best practices of social entrepreneurship in Ukraine conducted.
• An international Forum on social entrepreneurship organized.
• EEF and partners conducted a competition among NGOs to run two information campaign in the new and traditional media to promote the idea of social entrepreneurship among the citizens.
• We prepared platform for creating a social entrepreneurship hub in the city of Kramatorsk.
• An internal analysis of the condition and opportunities for developing social entrepreneurship in four oblasts, which in the end effect will serve as a baseline and comparative data for further activities conducted.