Support of Dialogue and Media Literacy as a Way of Reconciliation in and around the Ukrainian Society Project

Support of Dialogue and Media Literacy as a Way of Reconciliation in and around the Ukrainian Society Project
The Project tasks to increase the role of young active representatives of the civil society, NGO leaders, heads of schools and teachers in the development of an open, democratic, and pluralistic society in Ukraine. The project is implemented by East Europe Foundation in cooperation with the German NGO ChildFund Deutschland e.V. and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Germany.
The Project’s activities are focused on fine-tuning the dialogue and promoting understanding in the Ukrainian society, with young leaders from all over Ukraine being the target audience of the Project.
In 2016:
• On July 15, 2016, the International Anti-Fake Forum: Conference-Workshop on media literacy and dialogue was held in Odesa. The event brought together over 100 representatives of NGOs, schools from all regions of Ukraine, international experts from Moldova, Georgia, Germany, the leading Ukrainian journalists and experts. The Forum organizers aimed to discuss with young civil society leaders, heads of educational institutions as well as international and national experts the idea of media competence as a tool to overcome stereotypes and promote dialogue in the society as well as teach the Forum participants how to use in practice and spread the obtained skills among with target groups, including young people. In addition to expert discussions and panels, the Forum also provided practical skills during the relevant workshops. In particular, teachers received a thorough knowledge of the tools and available resources for media education of their students, and community activists learned to establish a dialogue and resolve conflicts in the civil society by involving the media. The participants also learned how to use the tools created by the Stopfake initiative in order to recognize manipulation and false information in the media.

• National competition was held in new and traditional media for running information campaigns aimed at improving media competence in the Ukrainian society, developing a balanced attitude towards information received from the media, and promoting dialogue and understanding in the society.

• Trainings for NGO leaders and teachers on dialogue and media competence with participation of 40 representatives of NGOs and teaching staff was conducted. The training tasks to train community activists and teachers on how to recognize false information, resolve conflicts and establish a national dialogue to foster mutual understanding.

• A series of lectures and a study tour to Germany were conducted, as well as communication with the colleagues representing German NGOs who came to Ukraine to establish cooperation and share best practices of interactive and media competence as a way to reaching understanding in the society.