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Monday, 07 November 2016 17:05

EU project implemented by EEF and partners funds Zhovkva in Lviv region to become energy efficient

EU project implemented by EEF and partners funds Zhovkva in Lviv region to become energy efficient

About 800 meters of the heating mainline were renovated and the municipal boiler house was modernised in Zhovkva town, Lviv region, under the EU-funded project “Municipal Partnerships for Energy Efficiency in Sambir and Zhovkva”. Thanks to this, the town now uses renewables for central heating and hot water supply. It will save up to 2 million hryvnias of local budget annually.

The joint project, led since 2015 by East Europe Foundation in partnership with Sambir and Zhovkva city councils, plans further activities to make towns’ infrastructure more energy efficient. Besides technical modernisation, the project provides information and methodological support to raise awareness of local community on energy-saving. Before the technical activities, energy audit of municipal infrastructure was conducted, which facilitated its modernisation. The next energy audit to take place in the nearest future. It will summarize the results and efficiency of the works completed.

"Boilers and heating mainline, re-oriented at renewable wood waste instead of gas, are important actions for Zhovkva. From the beginning of heating season, we haven't used gas at all. This EU project has helped us increase energy efficiency and decrease CO2 emissions. It brings significant savings for the town and its people," said Roman Kurnat, director of communal enterprise Zhovkvateploenergo.

Further steps to reduce energy consumption will start soon. To achieve this goal, four individual heating points will be established in the municipal buildings. They are youth art school, school No.3, day-care centre and apartment building. It will help to regulate temperature in the buildings.

Additionally, local authorities provided trainings on maintaining infrastructure modernisation, energy efficiency and renewables, involving engineers. The project aims to change behaviour of local community by motivating youth to save energy. For instance, a special demonstration classroom (i.e. energy lab), which was established in school No.3 is equipped with models of energy-saving technologies, educational kits on the impact of energy-saving measures and renewable energies. This helps teachers and schoolchildren to better understand how technologies work and may be incorporated into everyday life.

For more information please contact: Kateryan Kopchuk, East Europe Foundation communications manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , tel.: +38 (044) 200-38-24.

Background information: The EU-funded project “Municipal Partnerships for Energy Efficiency in Sambir and Zhovkva” is aimed at increasing energy efficiency of Sambir and Zhovkva towns and providing expert and information support to increase energy efficiency and energy independence. This project, led by East Europe Foundation jointly with Sambir and Zhovkva city councils, and supported by Lviv Oblast Council, is among the winners of EC Programme CoM-DeP.

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