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Monday, 04 July 2016 13:16

EEF and partners opened two centers for elderly in Uman and Trostyanets (Vinnytsia oblast)

EEF and partners opened two centers for elderly in Uman and Trostyanets (Vinnytsia oblast)

On June 13th EEF and partners opened two community centers for elderly in Uman and Trostyanets (Vinnytsia oblast). The Community Centers for Senior Citizens project creates opportunities for social engagement and provides venues for seniors’ pastime/social activities whereby they can gather to sing, dance, perform and spend time with each other during afternoon tea, as well as gain new skills through several hobby groups. The project also improves the standard of living among local seniors by offering new and improved services, as well as medical, psychological and legal consultations. In all, EEF has supported the creation of 25 community centers for seniors across Ukraine. The activities were also supported by Departments of Labor and Social Protection of related Oblasts State Administrations.

EEF provided funding in amount of UAH 250,000 to Uman city charitable foundation named after Kolontay
to create center for the elderly "Malva" at the Center for Social Services department of labor and social protection of Uman city council. Hobby groups which now are open for visitors include a computer club, a photographer sclub, chess club, crafts club including embroidery, folk group singing and choreography. The NGO made a renovation of the premises and purchased all necessary equipment as was as employed relevant specialists.

NGO "Social Center MHP" received funding of UAH 157,621 to create center for the elderly on the basis of territorial center of social services in Trostyanets of Vinnytsia region. NGO renovated 5 rooms, where visitors can now receive different services including legal and medical consultations, hairdressing and sewing. In addition, several hobby groups were established including a computer and literature clubs,
Overall in the last seven years EEF has established 25 such centers with the support of Ukrainian and international business. These two centers were established by EEF and local partners with funding "Monsanto" Foundation.

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