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Thursday, 09 October 2014 03:00

Project Partners Presented Interim Results of the Partnership for Better Energy Use in Lviv Oblast Project

Project Partners Presented Interim Results of the Partnership for Better Energy Use in Lviv Oblast Project

Project partners presented interim results of the Partnership for Better Energy Use in Lviv Oblast Project

On October 9 Project partners presented interim results and next steps within joint EEF and Lviv Oblast Council project “Partnership for Better Energy Use in Lviv Oblast.”

Today, in addition to funding of UAH 400, 000 which were allocated for projects to improve energy efficiency on social infrastructure buildings in Zhovkva and Kamianka-Buzka the cities are also provided with comprehensive information and expert support including energy audits. As for today, energy audits of all social infrastructure buildings (kindergartens, schools, hospitals, etc.) were completed. Overall energy auditors provided comprehensive recommendations on improvement for 25 buildings in Zhovkva and 21 objects in Kamianka-Buzka.

On October 9 Deputy Head of Lviv Oblast Council Valery Piatak, Program Manager of the Embassy of Sweden Parinov Andriy, EEF President Victor Lyakh  together with Lviv journalists visited Zhovkva and Kamianka-Buzka where energy auditors presented the public and local authorities results of the audits. They recommendations include detailed specification of what energy efficiency technologies and why will bring maximum benefit, how much it will cost to local budgets and for how many years these investments will pay off completely.

In the nearest future the project will focus on development of the plans for the modernization of energy infrastructure of the pilot cities based on energy audits results; providing expert and consulting support  for government, business and CSOs on implementation of energy-saving projects and attracting investments. Pilot projects which will be selected based on the energy audits and feedback from the public will be implemented in 2015. They are designed to demonstrate the benefits of new technologies, and cost savings to local budgets and will be implemented at the state-owned infrastructure.

About the Partnerships for Better Energy Use in Lviv Oblast Project

The project which is being s implemented jointly by East Europe Foundation, Lviv Oblast Council and State Oblast Administration is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida, through the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine.

The project aims to encourage the efficient use of energy resources in the region by strengthening the capacity of local authorities and business in the development, evaluation and implementation of local strategies and projects in the field of energy efficiency and use of alternative and renewable energy sources.

The main components of the project that will be implemented during next three years include:

* increasing capacity of local authorities in planning, management and evaluation of energy saving projects;
* introducing of modern elements and tools of energy management and energy-saving planning at the oblast level;
* supporting in attracting of different sources of funding for the implementation of energy efficiency projects.

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